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I wanted to do a post on my favourite trainers because my friend mentioned she never really knows which ones to buy or what’s ‘in’. If you don’t know me then you’ll find out that I love Trainers, I always have done and always will do. I’ve been wearing Nike and Adidas since I was about 12 and I’ve just had a delivery of the new SS17 Adidas Pink NMD’s which I have been jumping around about for the last week, so I’ll start with those…

They are beautiful, the most perfect spring summer trainer and they also do them in Grey so check them out! I can’t wait to pair them casually with jeans/leggings but also a nice pink summery dress! I wanted the dusty pink ones that came out last year but they went out of stock so quickly I couldn’t get my hands on them so when I saw these ones I had to have them STRAIGHT away. They were on the expensive side because none of the mainstream retailers have stocked them yet apart from offspring which I think they went out of stock pretty quickly from.I got mine from Sold soles (@soldsoles_uk). They had a pop up store near my Flat a couple of months ago so I followed them on instagram. They sell really exclusive sneakers so they are worth having a look at if you need ideas.

My second favourite pair are my Green TN’s my boyfriend got me these for my birthday I think they were from footlocker kids. I love pairing these with my long Kharki topshop duster and my Moncler coat (which btw was a diamond find in Brick Lane the coat was basically brand new!) They are the comfiest pair of trainers I own and they are actually really warm. I get such cold feet all the time anyway but these are ideal for this weather. They also do them in Burgundy, Red, Blue, Teal, White, Black and Gold, Rose Gold and White and Black and White!

My Third favourites have got to be the classic Adidas Originals. I swear every single person has or has had a pair of these and I don’t blame them. You can never go wrong with a classic (just abit of advise if you’re stuck!) I pair these with anything and everything. They are my go to throw on pair of trainers and I love them.

Fourth. Stan Smiths – Pink because that’s my favourite colour – Obviously (: I’ve had abit of a challenge with these weirdly, when I first got them I went on a full on day trip in them and they were so comfy and then I wore them again out around London and they gave me blisters, so it put me off them for a while and I didn’t wear them for months. The other day I got them out and now I don’t have any problems with them at all which is strange maybe it’s just my feet. I just got a new dress from Asos and I can’t wait till it gets a little bit warmer so I can wear them together.

Fifth – Now were going to the ones I have worn to absolute death so I apologise for the dirt. Everyone has to have a pair of reeboks, these are my work trainers (I work Part time at organic skincare company Neals Yard) They are comfy and plain, just what I need for work plus I couldn’t think of anything worse than standing in uncomfy shoes for 8 hours so I never take a risk. Usually If I’m not at work and I throw them on with a white t-shirt.

If you’ve thought about reebok then have a look at the different colours they do I know for a fact they’ve been releasing really nice colours recently. I think my next reebok buy will be the Royal Ultra SL pair and they are so cheap (£47.95)

Sixth and Seventh, Air Max. I currently only have 2 pairs which is surprising! Maybe my next buy will be another pair of Air max because I’ve loved them like for everrrrrrr. I have a black pair and a blue pair. I pair the black pair with anything and everything and the blue pair usually with grey.

There are some nice colours that are out now that are Air Max 95′ too, I saw some baby Pink and Light Green ones in Office.

Occasionally I get asked where I get my trainers from so I’ll share that too.

Nowhere out of the ordinary tbh, I usually always look at JD junior first (they go up to size 5.5 I think?) Footlocker Kids, Offspring, Nike & Adidas stores (sometimes). They have a good shop on Bethnal Green road which sells really weird and wonderful exclusive trainers (not sure what the shop is called). My manager told me about @instakicks the other day too and now Sold Soles!

Lauren x




  1. January 30, 2017 / 4:50 pm

    Love all of these. My fav has to be the all black and the pink!

    • lpblack8
      January 30, 2017 / 4:53 pm

      Thank you xxx

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