Everyone hates being out of their comfort zone right?

Well, here’s the thing, if you don’t go outside of it, then you’ll never grow. It’s taken me a very long time to realise this even though my Grandma has been telling me for years “you have to feel the fear and do it anyway”. How boring would it be to go through all of your life never accepting challenges that get thrown your way? Or never taking a risk?

B O R I N G . If you ask me.

Even though I’m a fairly confident person and I try not to care so much about what people think, I would always never want to go to dreaded interviews, present my work in front of everyone or do anything that would make my stomach churn and heart race at the thought of. We’re all the same aren’t we? But Why?..We fear failure… But we perceive failure incorrectly because if we never fail then how do we learn? how do we grow? In our profession, In our hobbies, In our relationships? Everything is about perception and mindset and if you just have a slight change in that then who knows what you might achieve?

I don’t know about you, but when I’m out of my comfort zone my heart usually races, it feels like it’s in my stomach, I get sweaty hands and an unwanted upset tummy so – I’ve got some calming tricks which help me to chill out in these unwanted nauseous moments which may help you too.

  1. Take deep breathes. Breathe in for 4 seconds and out for 4 seconds and repeat until you start to feel calm again.
  2. Drink Ginger and Lemon tea, which is warming (or Peppermint)  – always helps my stomach upset when being nervous.
  3. Tell yourself “You’ve got this” or “You CAN do this” until you feel comfortable haha might sound silly but It actually works.
  4. Call someone close for back up encouragement.



So talking of comfort zones I’ve recently been out of mine quite ALOT hence this post! but this one is the biggest. I have always been the other side of the camera and I’m certainly more comfortable on that side! Since I’ve started my blog, I obviously have to get used to being in my photos so recently I’ve not only done a shoot on the street with a new photographer (@Zoegriffin) I’ve also put together an outfit which is completely out of my comfort zone.

I found this affordable, but so sassy co-ord hiding away on the Missguided website. Usually I would visit their store in Stratford but you know when you see something you just have to have right that moment? Well, it was like that. I would never usually go for a suit co-ord, but this classy little thing caught my eye whilst scrolling away and I just thought this is perfect for spring and going right through to Autumn so I know this will be my go – to (especially when it get’s a little warmer, the last few days have been horrendous in London)



This obsession in – trend sleeve situation has taken over nearly all of my wardrobe and this white ribbed flared sleeve top is one of my favourites the sleeves are VERY oversized. This again being from Misguided.

The 3 Red Roses on these boots made them a must have from Public Desire. Also very comfy!

Have you been out of your comfort zone recently? If so let me know why how you deal with it?


Missguided – Tan Cropped Trench Jacket and Tan Trench Belt Mini Skirt

Missguided – White High Neck Ribbed Flared Sleeve Top

Public Desire – Romeo Rose Boots

Photos by Zoe Griffin Photography




  1. Sincerely this came to my heart, because it’s true, that way I feel when I’m out of my comfort zone, I’m a person who is very attached to things, and I get depressed, I know it’s not healthy, but I’m working in little by little, I always try to distract myself in something I like, like drawing, and that relaxes and clear my mind, thank you for sharing this ❤️❤️

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