10 reasons I can’t wait for Summer

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I’ve just come back from Budapest and we had a day there that was 20 degrees and it was like heaven! I’ve come home to England to the horrible rain so on that note, I thought I would share my 10 reasons I can’t wait for summer!!

  1. Warmth – Obviously this is the first one! I can’t be the only one sick of this horrible rainy, freezing weather. I’ve had enough of the blistering cold wind stopping me in my tracks when walking as quick as possible to the tube station.
  2. Swimsuit buying and any holiday buying for that matter. I have no idea where I’ll be going this year but, I CAN NOT WAIT to get away for a week. I wasn’t fortunate enough to go on holiday last year so I’m super excited for a summer holiday this year
  3. Sassying up my outfit with sunglasses – I mean we need at LEAST 4 pairs of sunglasses right? I’ve just bought my first pair from Topshop that I wore the other day because it was actually SUNNY! praise the lord.
  4. The energy amongst everyone is so much happier and so much nicer don’t you think? I mean someone is more likely to answer your question whilst it’s sunny than it pissing it down with rain right?
  5. I can’t wait for Picnics – I love picnics in the parks in London it’s also a cheaper alternative to lunching elsewhere! I know there’s a park in Crystal Palace with a maze, so I can’t wait to go there!
  6. I can’t wait to visit my home town and take my little doggie for a walk in the summer with my Dad
  7. Sandals! – Yes get those toes out – Can NOT WAIT. It’s getting me excited writing about this, I wonder where my top sandal buys will be from this year … we will see. (Haven’t bought any yet, although I’ve spotted some Molly Goddard ones in the new Topshop collab she’s done, they’re here if you want a sneak peak)
  8. This ones a little weird, but the smell of cut grass (I don’t have hay fever thank god)
  9. PIMMS – obviously. Afternoon in the pub with the boyfriend on a hot summers day, grabbing some dinner and then a walk across the embankment
  10. Bike rides and playing tennis outside (I don’t like either of them in the cold months, just not as enjoyable)

What do you love about summer? Leave your comments below!


  1. March 21, 2017 / 8:53 am

    Love this post! Everyone is so much happier in the summer. We also love tennis, bike rides, picnics! Now I’m really excited. Bring on the new season.

    • lpblack8
      March 21, 2017 / 11:39 pm

      Thanks beauty and not long now!!!

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