Gingham, my favourite colours and a memory of my childhood. Why did they print those primary school dresses blue and red gingham? We had the blue, I remember so well hating wearing a dress to school with those pulled up white cotton socks with the little bows on.

Well gingham is another trend which has made a recent comeback and it comes in all different ways. So many different cuts of tops, trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets and jumpsuits. There’s an amazing ruffle wrap gingham top, I’ve seen on a couple of people.


Topshop gingham frill hem trousers -Topshop Faux leather biker jacket – Topshop Textured ruffle crop photos by Zoe Griffin Photography


If you haven’t guessed already then yes, Topshop is one of my fave high street stores and when I saw the pair of gingham trousers with the frill at the top and bottom online, they were out of stock and I was GUTTED, I think I saw some on pretty little thing and they were sold out too! Mardy me, stormed to the Oxford Circus store and spotted a pair without the frill at the top (they are still so cute), impatiently and anxiously waiting for the lady to bring over my size, I was relieved that they had it!

Are they not the cutest trousers? Look at the frilly bottom – adorable. I kept to the black and white minimal theme throughout the outfit Perfect for every occasion. This turtle neck textured top also from topshop is tight, cute and it has frills on the bottom, sleeves and neck making it a perfect match.



I have a bit of a thing for Metallics and silver at the moment so I’ve snazzed up the outfit by pairing it with these bad boy silver flats. They have a zip at the front so they easily slide on and they were an Absolute bargain from Zara so go… what are you waiting for? £13! (they don’t have them online but they do have a range of different silver shoes on their website)


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