_MG_3695If you know me you’ll know I work at Neals yard part time. You’ll also know I bloody love it, there is no better feeling than being surrounded by beautiful organic, natural products all day, along with the positive energy we have.

Neals yard are certified organic by the soil association, for those of you who don’t know what that is let me explain: companies only have to be 1% organic to claim themselves as organic. The soil association guarantees 70% organic products!

So all the companies claiming they are all organic and natural may well not be as ‘natural’ as you think.

Is your skincare company ethical? you can check here on the Goods Shopping Guide.

Neals yard are also supported by the jumping bunny, so none of the products or ingredients are tested on animals and not only do skincare, but also do essential oils and diffusers, herbs and superfoods, supplements, hair, hands and feet, body, homeopathy, mother and baby products too!

So I have a heafty skincare routine and people always comment on how clear my skin is, so I just wanted to share this with you and do something a little bit different!

The first thing I do morning and night to feel refreshed or take my makeup off is start with my Frankincense cleanser which has baobab seed oil in (essential fatty acid) Tumeric which is brightening for the skin and Aloe Vera for soothing! This comes with a muslin cloth for easy removal.

Personally frankincense is my favourite smell this cleanser leaves my skin feeling toned, fresh, soft and moisturised what more could you want?!


Next thing Is the frankincense toner, I hands down think this is the best toner from Neals yard, it’s so refreshing, balancing and also has no alcohol in. I prefer to spritz this and sometimes spritz it when I need refreshing throughout the day (but they do have a facial mist too)


Onto the concentrate/serum which I use morning and evening, Beauty Sleep, don’t we all need to look fresh and like we’ve had enough sleep every morning? Obviously! Which makes this the perfect serum, going down to the deeper layers of the skin this serum helps me to feel recharged and ready for the day! I love ylang ylang as an essential oil so this smells so dreamy.


Next, moisturiser I obviously use ….. yeah you guessed it. Frankincense! I use the nourishing cream as my skin has always felt a little bit dry so this is perfect, even though it’s rich in essential oils it still sinks into my skin straight away. Frankincense is naturally anti ageing BONUS! and it’s also extremely relaxing. I love doing a mindful mini facial in the mornings inhaling the aroma which gets me ready for my day and relaxes me at night!


For night time I use the Vitamin E and Avocado night cream, they both help with anti ageing (I mean might as well start young right?) But this cream is rich and just what I need with dry skin for the night time!

I do also use a face mask which is the White Tea one, this is so refreshing and leaves my skin feeling super fresh, smooth and just darn right amazing, I usually do a mask once a week on a Sunday evening to prepare and pamper myself before the week ahead! I also use a Rose exfoliator which doesn’t of course contain microbead’s and leaves my skin feeling smooth and rehydrated. I use this a couple of times a week as my skin is dry as explained!

You can come and see me at Victoria station if you would like a consultation, drop me a DM or you can visit Neals Yard Remedies and everything I use is listed below

Frankincense Cleanser

Frankincense Toner

Beauty Sleep Concentrate

Frankincense Nourishing Cream

Vitamin E and Avocado Night Cream

White Tea Facial Mask

Rose Facial Polish

Frankincense Facial Oil

  1. I have so much neals yard products after converting my skincare because I couldnt deal with all the toxic crap in named brands! I’m so happy I’ve done this as my skin is the clearest it’s ever been. Such a great company 🙂

    1. Oh my how good is it? What’s your favourite? I literally am in love with the Frankincense and the White tea ranges xx

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