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So, I’ve been blogging for nearly 4 months now, which yes I know isn’t very long BUT the things I’ve learnt and the people I’ve met.. It’s incredible. I really wanted to share with you how I got off to a good start and how I’m getting sponsored posts already.

1 thing my Dad/Grandma taught me in life was if you want it, YOU GOTTA GO GET IT. As soon as the light bulb moment hit and I clicked sign up on wordpress, I knew I would pour everything I had into this. Let me tell you one thing I have come across since blogging and if you are like this then you will probably get nowhere. It’s not about the free stuff. If you are going to start blogging to get ‘free stuff’ then please don’t even bother. Obviously it’s a bonus, but I didn’t think in a million years when I posted my first blog post that 4 months down the line companies would want to not only gift me with their beautiful clothes/accessories/beauty products but pay me for my instagram posts / for a blog post. I just started this because I knew I had the photography background and I could practise AND it would be so much fun!

How I started:

The natural thing for me was to reach out and ask questions, I spoke to a few different bloggers who helped me and still help me on my journey now. ASK QUESTIONS, I wanted to know e v e r y t h i n g, I had to learn about themes and uploading them, I learnt about instagram times and the algorithm. I stayed up reading and learning till like 3 o’clock in the morning (still do). I learnt about my own domain and why/how to get one. I learnt all the wordpress plugins and buttons/widgets etc just by googling the crap out of everything. I watched endless youtube videos on anything I didn’t understand.


Photography is a massive part of blogging. I have a BTEC in photography and I’m about to specialise my degree in it for the next two years. If you don’t know anything about photography it doesn’t matter, you can teach yourself everything you need to know. Start with the basics. Buy the Capture your style book by Aimee Song and read through all of her photography/composition tips. There are a range of cameras now which have wifi options and flip up screens, you don’t need a big DSLR to start with (I have one because of uni) I now work with a photographer because I know how I want my images to look and it’s easier sometimes. My photographer is @zoegriffinphoto.


Let’s talk about the big elephant in the room shall we? O.K I’ve spent a bit of money getting my blog going and on all my clothes etc… Spending money doesn’t matter if your heart is in it. If it’s not you’ll know, you’ll moan about paying for a domain and paying for outfits, you’ll moan about having to buy a camera and paying a photographer etc etc. TBH I don’t care how much money I have to spend on my blog or my outfits because I love it, it’s bought so much inspiration, motivation and positivity into my life already and that is priceless! You may think you don’t have the money blah blah, work more hours? That’s what I’m doing. I would apologise for being so blunt but no excuses.

Sponsored posts:

I’ve recently started getting some money from instagram posts and future blog posts. 1 thing about this you need to know is, KNOW YOUR VALUE! Appreciate the hours you put into blogging, photographing, styling, organising instagram. There are many things I do for free because I love it and I’m growing, but free stuff won’t pay the bills, this is something I guess you build on over time, as you and your blog grow together! I reach out to companies as much as they reach out to me. Now I’m not saying I get loads of emails a day because I don’t but if I have a post in mind and I know a brand would fit then I will reach out to them and ask. IF YOU DON’T ASK YOU DON’T GET. Another one of my Grandmas wisdom phrases. Never accept anything that isn’t in line with you or your blog, even if they want to pay you lots of money. If it’s not in line, I will politely decline. I want my readers to trust what I say and I respect the relationship we are building.

Media Kit:

Get yourself a media kit, once you’ve started going, you’ve got companies contacting you and you’re getting the hang of everything this is something you’ll probably need! I made mine on Indesign and I have made other bloggers Media kits on Indesign too. So DM/email me if you need help with that. A media kit is a chance to show a brand who you are, what your blog is about and how you can help them! I think there are template websites online but not sure how that works or how much it costs.

Reward Style,

I recently applied and was accepted to the affiliate programme, many of you will know what this is, many of you might not be sure. This is a way for bloggers to earn a little bit of commission if someone purchases the item which they are writing about or wearing. People can shop the post via a special link which will take them directly to the item (Please see my shop my style page) Your viewers can also screen shot instagram images if they have the app and the links will appear on their dashboard. I assume that they accept you if you are consistently posting on your blog and on instagram/youtube and on the quality of your content!


Make friends, go and find people you like and tell them you like their work. I’ve made so many friends since blogging, we go out for food/drinks we plan blogger events etc. It’s a nice positive environment to be in. One thing I’ll tell you to remember though is. NEVER compare yourself to anyone else. NEVER put yourself down, NEVER compare someones 10th chapter to your 1st. It’s self sabotage, just don’t go there. Focus on doing what you love and everything else will follow – that’s what I tell myself when I have a little niggle of doubt.

Mind set:

This is the most important thing of them all. If you think you can do it, you can. My favourite quote in the world is “Whenever you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right. (Henry Ford) You have to force yourself to think positively all the time, even in the worst situations.

By all means I am no pro, I need to learn about SEO and all of that jazz but I think one of the most important things is to enjoy the process, don’t get down because you lost 20 followers on instagram, don’t get down because you don’t like your feed, do something about it! If you’ve lost followers then they weren’t your real followers anyway!! If you don’t like your feed, change it. You are in control of everything!!


  1. This is so well written and I’m incredibly proud of you. I’ve been meaning to start a blog on food, books and minimalist living and got no bloody clue where to start! Keep living big girl x x x

  2. This was SO helpful, I’m a new blogger and want to start incorporating fashion posts a lot more. Thankyou for this post and your honesty! There should be more bloggers like yourself in this world! xxx

  3. Thanks Lauren, great blog. I have been working on other aspects of my business and now starting to concentrate on my blog. I can see where I go wrong 1. photos 2. following and connecting with others. I’m still learning. I know I need to update my blog to look better, which I will do slowly. But, it’s always great to read how I can better it. Can I ask, comment boxes…. are you using disqus?

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