Oh my love… Crystals



I’ve always loved crystals, my mum bought me one when I was abit younger, a rose quartz, she told me I had to keep it under my pillow and put it outside to ‘cleanse’ it when it was a full moon. Amathyst is also one of my favourite crystals, I keep two beside my bed, I just love the way it sparkles! Sorry I know some of you might have mixed opinions on crystals but I just think they are so pretty and such a lovely gift gesture as they mean something spiritually and how nice is it to give someone something for good luck or if they are having a hard time: maybe a crystal for healing, to me that is much more thoughtful than a bottle of perfume.

I came across Miriam Elizabeth London gemstone jewellery a while ago, before they launched actually and I knew I had to get my hands on their absolutely stunning collection. The thought that has gone into these designs is amazing, they source their gemstones ethically and I’m sure you know that I would like the idea of that. They aren’t synthetic gemstones and their pieces are limited in quantity which makes them even more special.



 The collections names have a strong meaning behind them (Icon, Elegance, Eternity, Amulet and Constellations) the words represent a strong, independent and modern woman, which obviously you know as soon as destinys child – independent woman comes on, I’m on the tables so this matched me perfectly.


Rose Quartz earings / Rose Quartz necklace



Pink is my favourite colour so it was imminent that I would choose this set of rose quartz*

I thought that I would dress up these jewellery pieces since I just received these two beautiful outfits from oh my love London*, it made sense to pair them all together, after all the colours work perfectly!



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