I mean, I wasn’t around in the 70’s but when I think of that era the first two things that come into mind is, COLOUR and FLARES. Bell bottoms, Tunics, culottes and A line tunic dresses also spring to my mind. Mum said she used to shop in Chelsea Girl she was telling me they wore bold prints and bright colours all the time.

I always used to shy away from any colour in my wardrobe, purely because I was nervous I would look silly and because I didn’t know how to style very flamboyant pieces. My monochrome wardrobe has now disappeared and I always love coming out of my comfort zone and giving myself a challenge. My favourite colour is pink (basic) I know, when I saw these in Missguided I almost bought them in every single colour. I might go back and get the royal blue ones.



For me I think it was important I kept the rest of my outfit fairly simple and then have the main focus as the flares. I bought two colours of this top from Missguided, white and baby pink. It’s a cute one shoulder tie top which is so easily paired with pretty much anything, It’s becoming my go to white top ATM. I love the flares and the frills together, so chic!

Everyone knows I’m a true trainer gal, like it or lump it, I have tried to widen my shoe collection recently and every pair of shoes I’ve bought have given me blisters (bar a couple). I’m going back to buying trainers. My reeboks are the most comfiest I own and I don’t know why I haven’t got more pairs. It made sense for me to pair them with this outfit!


You can shop everything I’m wearing below


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