ML3F5419Girls, I feel like I should share this with you, it’s quite personal but sometimes it’s good to share things like this. Who forgets to be appreciative sometimes? I do! Well did, recently I’ve started to become more mindful about the things I have now which I should appreciate every single day. I appreciate every single comment I have on my photos, every girl that tells me I look pretty or they like my style you are just amazing and you probably have no idea how much that uplifts me on a daily basis. I say girls because it’s mostly if not all girls that comment on my photos (sorry if your a lad and you have) and you know I had to make it relevant for this banging tee I got from Topshop!

Our generation are so lucky to have grown up with such influential strong, independent women. Making our generation probably one of the strongest woman #girllboss type. Obviously if you know me I’m a huge fan of independent women and I’ve learnt/learning to become one even though I’m in a relationship. I hold my own.


I’ve made it a habit every single morning to think about all the things I’m grateful for at that moment in time. When I get on the tube in the morning to go to work, I’m so grateful I don’t have to do the 8:30 journey of the sweaty central line every single day and I’m so grateful that I know I won’t have to do it for the rest of my life, I’m grateful for the flat I live in now even though I can’t wait to move, because it’s taught me some extremely valuable lessons and I have learnt to be extremely patient. I’m grateful for waking up and being able to go into my kitchen and eat my breakfast, to go to the shop and get a drink if I want one, to go out for amazing food and share special times with friends and family sorry don’t care how cheesy you think this may be. I’m so appreciative that from the age of 15 my Dad has made me work, I’ve never been handed anything and never will be. I’m so grateful for this as my work ethic and my ambition and appreciation wouldn’t be the same. YES Dad you did it right.


ML3F5378Anyway they’re just a few things I’m grateful for it makes me feel positive when I think of what I already have rather than focusing what I don’t have and that’s an important message. It’s to know what’s coming but before it comes, you have to be appreciative for the things you have. Plus you never know when it can all be taken away.

I’m probably just rambling but you know when you listen to people moan and moan and all you think is, if you don’t like it change it? Or if you focus on that, you’re gonna get more of just that! Like I said in one of my last blog posts –  How to get motivated on off days that I always have a word with myself when I’m feeling down! Well similar sort of thing here, I always recite what I’m grateful for even if it’s something as small as I’m so grateful for conor tidying our room for when I get home although I might not tell him that!

What are you most grateful for?

  1. Love this post babe, so relevant not enough people appreciate what they have. I’m grateful for my health and the opportunities I have everyday xxx

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