_MG_4359I personally really like high end brands of makeup, I’ve always bought from Bobbi brown, Charlotte Tilbury, Mac, Chanel and Nars. I have seen so many subscription boxes around recently it’s sort of the new craze I mean It’s a great idea, why not treat yourself every single month with some beauty surprises? I really like the Cohorted subscription box simply because it’s luxurious brands, brands I would buy from normally and you pay £35 for about £90 worth of makeup so obviously a £55 save is a bonus.

Has anyone heard of Bella Pierre before? I used to work in House Of Fraser, Nottingham and the brand never did very well in there, I think it’s because of where the counter was located and I’m not sure it’s a very well known brand. I think the brand may be underestimated which is a shame as their products are very good quality. They are cruelty free (leaping bunny) and they won the Natural Organic awards Europe this year!

Firstly, I got a Bella Pierre glowing palette, I would like to apologise for my swatch photos as I’m not a beauty expert. Anyway the colours in this palette are (in order of my photo below) Moonshine, Stellar, Glimmer, Beam, Amorous and Gilt. I would wear them all tbh, I’m very tanned below so even the Gilt looks fine with my skin colour (that’s the only one I wouldn’t wear when I’m really pale) I really despise it when you purchase a palette and you end up only using one colour that’s why this is ideal. The texture feels smooth and silky.



Then I got the Nars pure sheer SPF lip treatment, the texture is rich and creamy and it has SPF in which helps protect and gives a little shine! I have quite dry lips so this was a perfect add in for me. The mango butter leaves my lips feeling soft and it’s full of antioxidants to ensure long lasting hydration. It’s small so will fit into any handbag, convenient for travelling around.


The Bella Pierre Kiss Proof lip creme was next and obviously pink is my favourite colour that’s why I love this, the texture is creamy and smooth but it dries into a matte finish, which as I have dry lips, matte isn’t always my first choice but this one doesn’t make my lips crack. Again apologies for my swatch but I just think it’s such a beautiful deep pink colour and is such full coverage it’s perfect.



Lastly is this Kure Bazaar nail polish, I love bright coloured nail varnish for the summer and as I said above, pink is my favourite colour (did you see my post with my pink trousers – How to style a pop of colour ?) So wishing I had this nail polish for that shoot! It’s a very high shine finish and will add a little POP to any outfit.


I think the subscription box is a little more expensive than others but you pay for quality at the end of the day. You can create an account HERE and you can subscribe Here and all the information is on the website.

    1. Thanks babe yeah I thought it was a good box and they have brands like Chanel and Bobbi brown so yeah! Impressed x

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