Please excuse my very goofy smile (: I have always been a lover of photography ever since I had the option to take it for my GCSES, It’s the only thing I got an A* in and of course it was just a taster but it was really the only thing I was any good at. I continued my studies throughout college doing a BTEC diploma and then onto a year at uni, I’ll cut out the life story but I just wanted to share 10 reasons why photography is a close thing to my heart!

1. Memories, I mean that’s an obvious one! The ability to capture any moment of any time is amazing, I feel it’s something we all take for granted!

2. I’m abit of a nerd, I like cameras, I’ve always liked cameras, the way they work is so interesting and the way you can make something look wether it be slow shutter, fast shutter, blurred foregroun/background it’s just the mechanical process of capturing the image and us being able to see it straight away is mind blowing when you really think about it. Polaroid cameras…. the film pops out the top and then on the other side your image just appears (I mean the chemicals make it appear but it’s like magic)

3. I love the way it makes me feel when someone says that’s a great shot! I love looking at something I’ve created, that’s why print will never die for me. I love holding something that I’ve done! I miss film, I should get into the habit of using film cameras again.

4. I love that images tell stories, I love how from one image it can say a million different things

5.  I love looking at everything a different way, through looking at many types of photos, I now know exactly how I want my photos to be and I know exactly how I want to look in them.

6. It’s a way to express how you’re feeling and a way to share with others your experiences.

7. I love that if you give the camera to 10 different people they could all take a photo of the same thing but every image will all look different.

8. I find it relaxing, I mean it can be annoying if you can’t get the right angle of a flat lay or whatever but I think it’s therapeutic creating and moving objects around/putting them in/taking them out

9. I love the ability photography creates to have an emotional effect on it’s viewers

10. Your in control of what you want to capture and what you want to remember forever

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