Nakd outfitColoured denim always reminds me of my teenage years, I had every coloured jeans you could possibly think of, yellow, blue, red, orange, white, black, grey, hot pink, baby pink, you name it I had them. I also vaguely remember people telling me I looked like a banana, in my yellow low waist jeans matched with a white – yellow text slogan tee. I mean it never bothered me, I just had a weird obsession over coloured denim and didn’t really care what anyone else thought of it, it was abit like the obsession I had over coloured extensions when I was around 14 years old, sometimes my hot pink extensions would match my jeans? – Yes they weren’t my cool years.

The love for coloured denim then slightly faded and made me cringe for so many seasons after. I probably realised how ridiculous I looked in my electric blue jeans, air max trainers and a shirt I probably stole from my sister, not to mention the extremely blingy diamond square earrings, the teachers used to hunt me down to take them out.

nakd red skirt

Pink denim

My love for coloured denim has made a come back this Summer and I wanted to share with you how I styled my favourite coloured denim. It’s funny, a few of my friends and people I know always say “you can’t wear pink and red together”, I know they’re wrong, when pink and red does work together, it’s amazing. I spotted this Pink Skirt  in NA-KD and I had to have it, It’s the perfect baby pink colour I was looking for. Good quality, you-get-what-you-pay-for item. I would have loved to have bought the Tommy Hilfiger pink denim jacket this season too but you win some you lose some. I then got the red satin shirt to go with the skirt. They go perfectally together, theres something so appealing about satin, the smooth and silky texture, it’s kinda sexual!

As you may have guessed, trainers were on the cards again for this outfit and there wasn’t a better pair than my Nike red tick, courtez, I have lived in these since I bought them in the junior section at JD (bargain) they have been my go to pair over the last few weeks. You can shop my look below.


  1. Love how you’ve styled this! I never really wear coloured denim but I’ll look at this if I do. Also I know what you mean about pink and red together that’s been everywhere recently! Xxx

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