h&m trousersIn this world, women are constantly being told what to do, what to wear, where we should be eating, what we should be eating, which designer handbag we should be wearing – where to get the best dupe… but at the same time we’re told to embrace our individuality and accept our personality, be who we are. I mean, it’s all contradictory right? Since being teenagers, we’ve grown up seeing super models in magazines and have had to battle the fact that we don’t look like them – the majority of the world doesn’t look like them honey and there is a lot of photoshop.. hello! 

Is Blogging Narcasistic?

When I explain to someone from an older generation that my job is blogging, they get confused – you mean you make money from yourself? Online? – you take photos of yourself in clothes and of beauty products and post them online and brands want to pay you? – yes dad. I think the blogging world is seen as narcasistic, I don’t have a problem with that at all.. We all have our own insecurities, just because I enjoy being photographed it doesn’t mean I don’t notice my flaws. I know since I started blogging which yes – wasn’t that long ago. I’ve grown as a person, I’ve gotten comfortable with the camera, comfortable with someone taking photos of me with the real deal kinda camera, comfortable with lights flashing at me in a studio – and isn’t that a good thing? I’m more confident in just being me.

I’ve always been quite a confident, no shit taking kind of person. Over the last few months I’ve learnt how to carry myself and become even more confident in just saying, I’m Lauren – a fashion blogger and fashion student. (It slightly makes me laugh when people eye roll)

missy empire

We’re constantly going to be judged, it’s just the way people work. No one is perfect. If your nose is wonky (like mine lol) or you don’t have perfect teeth, it doesn’t devalue your hard work. It doesn’t make you any less of a woman if your legs aren’t perfectly shaven ALL the time does it?

Is Instagram fake?

Fake or reality? The little grids which make up your life and summarise who you are, are indeed very carefully chosen. So when looking through someone else’s feed, remember that this is the best version of them. I’m so guilty of it of course, I’m not going to post a photo first thing in the morning when I wake up, with no makeup on and my hair looking like Marge Simpson, come on.

But seriously, maybe it is fake? Or maybe it’s about putting the best version of you to the world, why wouldn’t you? I guess no one rocks up to an interview with ripped trousers, holes in shoes, a blazer 5 x too small and smelling like last nights alcohol right…

missy empire puff sleeves


I wasn’t going to start my blog at all because I felt stupid and I thought that people would laugh at me, now I’m sat here leaving my part time job today. Make sure you never let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. Go love yourself and embrace the flaws the best you can, be the best version of you, online and offline and never get caught up in watching someone else too much, never let them steal the potential out of you.

  1. It’s interesting that you should write on this subject. I should point out that I am pretty sure I am older than your father. The reason I think it’s interesting is that only the other day was I thinking how much you have grown and how well you are doing.

    You are doing sonething that most women find difficult to do anf therefore creating confidence in other women to try certain looks or priducts.

    You are doing amazingly well … keep up the great work.

  2. Loved this Lauren and totally agree with you – blogging has made me a better, happier person. I’ve got so many new friends through it and I’m way more confident in myself.

  3. Love this Lauren! Maybe aspects of blogging are ‘narcissistic’ but you could say this about almost any industry – are models and actresses narcissistic too?? In the end not really, they’re just doing their job and to many of us blogging is also a job and a way to make money! Xxx

  4. I love your outfit in these shots! Never really thought about this topic until now, I agree Instagram is showing best version of yourself and bloggers are doing what they love. I think if you genuinely love what you do and have a passion for it then go for it! Xh

  5. I Love this post Lauren and your looks are amazing! Also this was on my birthday last year! I recently started blogging too so I’m still taking time to get comfortable with putting up my personal life and self out there whilst trying to do what I like. Totally relate to this! Thanks for sharing. Xx

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