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I’m not saying I’m a pro and I’m certainly not a supermodel lol, but I have a few tips on how to get comfortable in front of the camera. When I first started blogging I had a tiny bit of experience, I mean when I say tiny, I was the last resort model used at college during my photography course. I thought after 8 months of blogging and being involved in the Miss Selfridge AW 17 campaign and a few other projects that it would be good to share my top tips!

  1. R E L A X.. if you have a good photographer they should make you feel pretty comfortable with them instantly.
  2. Ask for guidance if you need it, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for a bit of help if you don’t know how to pose. Sometimes I struggle when I’m not wearing what I usually wear for photos (casual wear) – put me in a pair of heels and I look really awkward and I have no clue what I’m doing.
  3. Figure out what poses work for you, I’ve figured that very chilled and casual photos are me, they match my personality and I feel the most comfortable when I’m leaning on a wall – or something!
  4. Have some go to poses ready. When you’re moving around trying different poses have a couple that you know will look good no matter what, so if you run out of ideas you can just switch to the poses people know you best for, whilst you have a chance to regroup and think of something else.
  5. Don’t be afraid to move around. I love moving shots, some of my outtakes (I mean some – the ones that aren’t of me looking like a baby dinosaur) are my favorite photos. All of my photos where I’m smiling are outtakes (secretly I hate my smile so would never deliberately smile)
  6. Enjoy yourself – Enjoy the shoot and have some fun, ignore all of your insecurities and just get on with what needs to be done for your blog/Instagram
  7. Make sure you’re confident with your outfits because if you aren’t it will show on camera. There is nothing worse than actually hating the outfit you’re shooting, I mean obviously if you’re not like me, you’ll carefully plan each and every outfit, however, there have been occasions, where I haven’t planned things very well and then I’ve ended up hating the photos and looking awkward.
  8. Don’t get embarrassed when people watch you – People will stop and stare, they will whisper or men usually shout, whistle or whatever but just ignore it, it doesn’t matter what they might be saying about you, who cares? They might think you’re famous for all they know haha!
  9. I like the speed to be fairly quick when being photographed so definitely find what works for you and speak up to your photographer if they aren’t going as quick as you would like them to. I personally like to WORK IT and bang those poses out…. but some people like to take their time, whatever it is, communicate with your photographer for the best outcome.
  10. Use your location and outfits to help you. This the most recent thing I’ve been told, if you have some pockets, use them. If you have a necklace, play with it. If you have accessories or props use them to your advantage.

Stay bad ass

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  1. Nice tips from this girl who is not a pro and can relate to us in the good way. I am looking forward to follow these tips and get the best feeling in front of the camera which I have problem with most of the time.

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