lipstick pinkI wanted to do this post because I get a lot of the same messages on Instagram and through email so I wanted to pop all the information in one place, rather than replying to every message singly. The most asked question is how I’ve grown my Instagram to over 8k in 8 months. I know there are a lot of other people who have gained far more in a shorter space of time, whatever I’m not saying I’m a pro (again) but what I am doing is working and more importantly I’m growing organically.

Step 1.

Post every day, sometimes twice. People think they can go offline for 1/2 weeks and then come back and expect to have grown with no activity, lets get real. Unless you’ve already got thousands and thousands of followers then it won’t happen. Another mistake people make with this, is when they do come back from their ‘break’ that the engagement and growth will automatically go back to what it was before they stopped, usually that isn’t the case and you have to start building the momentum again.

Just a disclaimer. I’m not saying that you can’t take a break from Instagram, all I’m saying is in the beginning maybe it’s not the best idea? plus these are my own opinions

Step 2.

Engagement. I feel like this point is usually under rated or ignored. I am always on the look out for new and cool fashion accounts so I scroll through on my explore page to find new users and I engage with their account. DISCLAIMER – be prepared for a very pissed off boyfriend, square eyes, and a whole new wish list. Also, don’t just like photos for the sake of it.

Step 3.

Consider using a photographer, my favourite London photographers are @emmapharaohphoto @morganetheunicorn and @zoegriffinphoto. One of the first things I did when I started my blog was seek a photographer quite quickly. Some photographers shoot for free but because I study photography I wouldn’t expect an experienced photographer to shoot for free (as I wouldn’t) so Invest in your brand to start with and you’ll reap the rewards later.

Step 4.

Evaluate your posts. Look at which ones were more successful than others and pick out the points as to why that post performed better than the others. I know that photos of me get more likes so I post more photos of me and my outfits than I do product shots. I have trialled and tested the times to post on Instagram and on different days, so figure out when your followers are most active!

Step 5.

Instagram takeovers. Get your name known with brands and start working with them on instagram takeovers, this can be a great way for exposure and to show their followers what you’re like as a person. Always tag all the brands in your photos as this will maximise the potential to get reposted.

I have another one so it’s not really 5 steps but hey ho. One for luck! It’s about your mindset, if you get frustrated with losing followers or not gaining as quickly as someone else, all this will do is attract more frustration to you and you will continue to lose followers. That’s how I think of it anyway! so positive vibes to the universe and you will continue to grow using the steps above!

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