Desenio interior*For the last year, I have been staying in a box room and basically a box flat, which has NOT been particularly enjoyable but I was grateful to even be living down here in London and tried to appreciate how far I had come, even though I wasn’t where I wanted to be. One thing I did get right though, when I moved down was the area of London I moved to. I couldn’t live anywhere but East London now, I love it. It’s perfect for everything I need (I mean I have to travel for uni, but let’s be honest, everything is going off in East most of the time).

Finally, I have just moved into the best flat I could’ve imagined for the best possible price in the best possible area and damn I worked hard to find this place! In my bedroom, I now have a ceiling to floor wardrobe, a dressing table (thank god cause I was getting ready on the floor before) and I have space to actually get dressed without stumbling on 50 pairs of shoes.

Desenio are a print company who provide the most perfect prints for your home/office wherever! They have all different sizes and types range from photographs, wall art, quotes, fashion, illustration, nature and so on… They are passionate about Scandinavian design, their prints are printed on matte paper and are extremely high quality but affordable. If you follow them on Instagram they have the best inspiration.


I’ve wanted the Prada print for ages, I have an A4 one but I really wanted a HUGE one. This one actually sits directly under my TV.  I also got two for my dressing table, I really wanted something that meant something to me, if that makes sense? I got the quote because I knew that whenever I woke up and felt like I was going to have one of those days that I could read the quote and it would reinforce me to believe in myself and to remind me to be grateful for everything I have right now. I love mindfulness, I’m sure you’ll know that by now and there are quite a few beautiful quotes on Desenio’s website. The other is a Tiger as that’s my favourite animal and I always say that if I was an animal I would be a Tiger, I feel like it’s almost like my personality.


Mindful qutoe

I feel like when you add a personal touch to your home it just makes it so much more homely, I never had that in my last flat so I’m super happy to finally be in somewhere, that I can call home! I have a 25% discount code for Desenio which is ‘LAUREN’, find the all Prints


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