Yellow Puffer JacketI have always been a hard worker, my work ethic is pretty much untouchable and in my Q & A video I mentioned that I work so hard and burn myself out, end up poorly and then feel really guilty that I’ve spent a day in bed but it’s okay to have a day off right? I can’t understand why I have a constant battle with myself, I always feel like I could be doing more, even though my diary is full and I don’t even have time to myself.

I’ve made myself a promise, whenever I feel overwhelmed to take a second and go and do some meditation. I’ve renamed this title about 100 times, Guilt VS Work Ethic, Guilt Battles, My Life As A Blogger?. I just thought I would stick with this one as I can’t make my mind up. People always ask me how I got to 10k and what I advice I would give bloggers who are just starting out, I thought I would answer some of your questions which I missed out in my video below.

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Miss Selfirdge

1.Why did you go full time as a blogger?

I have always wanted to get up in the morning and work on my own work, I have a high work ethic and blogging is hard work, but it’s just as much fun. Events, networking, meetings, editing, filming, photoshoots, it’s sick. Creating a story to share with my viewers, meeting people from all different brands and having a chance to share them with you. With a few downfalls, like any? it’s a perfect career.

2. How did you get to 10k in 10 months?

I worked really hard on Instagram for 10 months, every single day, yeah people have done it quicker but it takes time and a lot of hours spent shooting, editing and figuring everything out. Engaging and getting your name out there was the most important thing and still is.

3. How do you approach brands you want to work with?

I find out who I need to speak to if I can, then I’ll drop them an email with my media kit (which is a PDF document about me, my blog and who I’ve worked with before), I’ll say why I would like to work with them and my ideas for content.

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4. What is the hardest thing about blogging?

I think I said this one in my video briefly, I said about comparing yourself to others, it’s not only that, it’s the expectation to constantly on the ball, it’s tiring but I would never have it any other way.

5. How do you motivate yourself to post on your blog weekly?

It just has to be done, no excuses. I never really get uninspired, I always have loads of ideas to write about. I keep it to once a week because it’s easier to manage my time especially now I’ve started youtube. I know that I’ll blog much more over the coming months 🙂

6. How do you get to go to events?

Erm, kinda goes with what I was saying above about getting yourself known, get yourself known with PR agencies and brands so you’ll get invites to press days, launches etc!

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