Imagine bringing your Instagram photos to life? I’ve found the perfect platform to do this and I wanted to share it with you!

MiPic launched an app last year which you can download HERE where you can bring your photos to life, from prints, phone cases, leggings, wallpaper, and pillows! Any image you want, put onto pretty much any item you want, delivered presentably and most importantly they are affordable and perfect for gifts (or for yourself). If you’re starting to think about Christmas, Mipic are an amazing option for gifting personalized items. They have a desktop website too HERE. If you think that’s it, it’s not, you don’t have to use personalised images, Mipic supports Artists and photographers which means you have an option to choose from their selection of Artist’s cool designs and photographs to pop on the items, I’m a huge believer in supporting local and small businesses especially creatives and the Artists get 20% commission if you use their designs, which is amazing right?! 


Puffer Jacket

Leggings, the comfiest most versatile piece of clothing there is, I am a severe offender in collecting them so they just had to be my first choice. I know everyone who follows my blog and my Instagram, you guys know I love to be comfy and that I will literally LIVE in these leggings, in and out the house. Anything casual and cool is right up my street. When choosing these leggings there were so many amazing artists and designs It took me quite a while to choose, having said that the design is by an artist called TMarchev who is a self-taught graphic artist which you can find HERE aren’t they cool? I wear these to yoga, but I also wear them out… which is what I think is great about them – versatile.


I’m a grab, pull on and go kind of girl, so I’ve styled them casually with a plain turtleneck black top and my favorite puffer jacket. I always have a statement piece in an outfit too so the bright yellow colour is the perfect statement in this outfit. I have a discount code “LAURENB15” for 15% off!

This post is sponsored by Mipic, All opinions are my own and honest.


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