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Case Station UKYou know when you get a new gadget and it takes you back to being a child, unwrapping your Christmas presents to find a new tv or when I was younger I used to play x box and I was the happiest child when my dad bought me COD Zombies to play. The least girly girl ever.

Whenever I get a new iPhone or a new camera I always feel like a giggly 10-year-old with my new toys. That’s how I felt when I got my Apple watch. When it arrived I was so excited, I didn’t really know that much about them apart from when you see people twisting their arm over to pay for the tube via their watch. I don’t even have a contactless card so the first thing I did was set up my card on the watch and went to pay for a coffee feeling like a cool kid with the latest gadget (it’s a series 2, I know there is a series 3 out now but anyway).

Along with my Apple watch, I customized some straps with Case Station  again I felt like an excited child customizing my own straps. I got my initials popped on the buckle side and chose, pink, patterned blue and another pink one with circles on it. Whilst I was doing this I also got a couple of customized phone cases because you can never have too many phone cases right?  Someone did a drawing of me and I thought it would look cool to get that in a phone case but the pink one I got was my favourite obviously, having a colour obsession with pink and red at the moment (see my Instagram @imlaurenblack)

Apple Watch Case Station UK

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Lauren BLACK

I just think everyone needs one, I genuinely wouldn’t know what to do without mine now, I think one of the best things is, if something ever happened to me, I can click the side of the watch and call emergency services and it sends a notification to my boyfriend to tell him I’ve dialled 999…. I think that’s amazing, not to mention the monitor of the heart beat and the exercise help it gives. It reminds you to take a minute out of your day to sit still and just be present, which I’m sure you’ll know I do meditation and I love that it reminds you to take a second to just be in the moment! Case station have an amazing giveaway for an Apple Watch series 3 on at the moment, to enter click HERE


This post is sponsored by case station. My opinions are my own as always.

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