Hidden Fashion Over the last week actually two weeks because this is how long this has been sat in my drafts for, something has been bothering me a tiny little bit. okay maybe quite ALOT, why do we think that instagram values our worth? why do we get caught up in how many likes we get per photo, why do I feel great when one photo gets 1500 likes and awful when another gets 500? How and why do we let this app on our phones decide whether our work is good enough or not? Why do we think a number next to our names has this great value when we all know people who buy their followers/likes?

I’m quite a strong character, I always have been, I’m strong minded and I never let anything get in my way. A couple of weeks ago the gram was definitely on my side, my engagement was sky high and over the last week, It’s dropped a little bit which has had an effect on my mood and made me question my self-worth. I woke up this morning, new week and new goals, I said to myself right, we aren’t having another week like last week. Regardless of engagement etc! The numbers yes mean something but they will never dampen my spirit again. I feel like I see this often when I talk to other bloggers about Instagram etc. You have to bring it back in and remember why you started blogging.

Hidden Fashion

Hidden FashionDo we not realize that negative energy spent on this app will only attract more negative energy surrounding this app? HELLO! and yes I’m speaking about myself here moaning about my engagement, I often talk to myself and tell myself to get a grip you’re doing great, but there is always that little niggle that says you aren’t, you’ll never get to where you want. Why do we automatically see a number and think WOW? Why do we think that our content isn’t as good as others just because of the number next to the photo? We often forget that comparing ourselves is the worst kind of self-sabotage but of course I still do it! When I catch myself doing it, I’ll quickly snap out of it but I’ve seen it in my friends, when they compare themselves to other people for too long it really starts to affect you.

Hidden FashionI’ve seen people get lost in their content looking at other peoples, I feel like in this “influencer” world you have to remember to be wholeheartedly yourself. Instagram likes obviously don’t value our worth, they don’t make your content of less quality and they certainly shouldn’t make you question your own self-worth. If there are people who often dampen your mood when you see their content then unfollow them? forget about the fakes and concentrate on what you’re doing. You reap what you sow.

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  1. Great post hun, they don’t mean a thing but it does annoy me sometimes when they’re so low and used to be so high. Just have to push through and remember it’s just a number and if people did see it they would probs ‘like’ it but they obv didn’t cos of the algorithm xx

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