New Years DressOnce everyone has finished with the Christmas Parties which will be at the end of next week, I know that most people will be thinking “what the hell am I going to wear for new year? ” and then frantically searching for the perfect outfit for New Years Eve! I’m not usually very glam at all but recently Debenhams took me to the Jingle Bell Ball and I got a chance to wear an all sequin dress…. I felt like a princess, I never ever dress up and it was so nice to have an occasion where I couldn’t not dress up! When it comes to choosing a dress, it takes me quite a while. I like a classy elegant look. I stick to a rule – Legs or Boobs (Not that I have any) but I try and stick to that rule.

I thought I would save you the job of finding a New Years dress and give you my top five from Debenhams, including this beautiful blue sequin dress which is on offer for £36 down from £75! BARGAIN if you ask me. Scroll to the bottom to see my top 5 new years eve looks.

Debenhams New Years Eve

New Years Eve Look



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