Lauren BlackCut the crap, I mean we all have new years resolutions about how we’re going to be our best self in the new year… Why is it that most of us fall back into our old habits and the same new years resolutions come around and haunt us every single year? Many people do dry January or give up something whether it be chocolate, smoking or maybe they want to start the gym, running or spending less money on clothes or going out all the time. Whatever it is, I’m almost 100% sure there will be something you want to stop doing in the New Year.

With the high spirits and the hype over Christmas, we often feel sluggish from all the food and alcohol afterward. Everyone goes back to work in January on a low and all the happiness and spirit slowly dies and the guilt starts to trickle in, “oh no one stone heavier” Stop feeling guilty about giving yourself a break and overindulging! Sometimes it’s good.

Lauren Black

Green Bye Boy Jumper

Bye Boy KnitThe Misconception is, you can change these things at any time in the year, it doesn’t have to be OOO 1ST OF JAN NO MORE DRINKING, it doesn’t have to be a drastic decision to stop something, why don’t you just cut down on whatever it is you want to stop for example if you decide you don’t want to eat chocolate, why don’t you have 2 chocolate bars instead of 4? or if you want to start running 4 times a week, just do once or twice because what will happen is it’ll get to January, you’ll cut out things or start something new but because it’s been a habit for such a long time, you’ll more than likely just fall straight back into it after a couple of weeks if you take on too much.

They say it takes 21 days to break and make a habit, if you can make a change for 21 days you can do it forever (if you want to, that is). Also if you really want to stop something, you have to train your mind to think you never did that certain habit and be strong-willed, focus on what you will gain from stopping/starting something new and remember it everytime you start to slack. On that note Happy New Year, don’t take life too seriously 🙂



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