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Lauren Black

Lauren Black

Lauren BlackI’ve already done a blog post with my Favourite coats however, I’ve gathered a few more faux fur coats since then and realized that instead of the puffer being my favourite, actually the faux fur coat is my favourite. My boyfriend always says “you have enough coats Lauren.. You don’t NEED anymore” but he will never understand, men eh!

A Coat is basically your whole outfit in the winter right? it’s the first thing people notice and compliment (well for me anyway) I’ve just chosen this bright pink sassy coat from Miss Selfridge and I’m in love, LOOK AT IT… I’m just in awe of it. It’s bright, bold and can be easily dressed up or down, perfect! Every faux fur coat I own is so warm and people always weirdly stroke me when I have it on. I usually style mine down with jeans and trainers but they look ultra sassy dressed up too, I just think they are a must-have coat for every wardrobe.

Below are my favorite faux fur coats on the high street at the moment.

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  1. I love these soft furry coats the feeling of it is amazing and they look so nice. I wish my wife bought them I would never complain as long as i can snuglle them now and then.

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