Lauren Black

Lauren Black

Lauren Black

Lauren BlackThis style is massively out of my comfort zone, it’s good to push boundaries every now and then though right? I would never in a million years have picked a vinyl coat never mind a bold red one. I saw this coat on Neon Rose’s website and I really wanted to have a go at styling it and also just to see what type of images and poses I could create with it.

Someone asked me in an interview the other day to describe my style in three words, I just burst out with the three that came to my mind first, cool, casual and “real” . I keep my style relatable mostly because I sit here writing at my kitchen table every day in a tracksuit, own about 50 pairs of trainers and alternate between my 4 dressing gowns because I just live in them. Anywho I think you’re either for the vinyl trend or you’re not. I think you love it or you hate it. At first I hated it, I thought who wants to walk around in those pants they squeak and draw attention when you walk, no thank you. Then I saw a few people styling the leggings and I thought right let’s give it ago then, I must say the leggings are quite comfortable actually, I did get a pair of trousers but I thought they were rather dreadful, which leads me to this longline red vinyl coat. What do you guys think? Do we like this styled down with jeans and trainers and a turtle neck top? How would you style this coat, please, I would love to know!

Photography by

Vinyl Coat from Neon Rose


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