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Acne ScarfWhy do we always have to rush? For the last year since I started blogging, I’ve felt like I’ve been in a rush, chasing a goal and then never celebrating it, as if there is a finishing line I need to race towards. A destination, when it’s the journey we need to enjoy. I feel true happiness comes from within, this is something I’ve recently come to terms with, I would always say “well I’d rather cry in a Mercedes than on a bike” but now I get it. We forget to take every day as it comes and we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. We forget to strip everything back, that’s why I’m taking it back to basics.

I used to write to-do lists as long as an A3 page and think I could get them all done, some people can but I needed to break it down in able for me to actually get shit done! I feel like I’ve been setting myself too many tasks to really put all my effort and time into one, everything is rushed. When I went to bed last night I plugged my phone in at the bottom of the bed, I got up this morning and I turned my phone alarm off and didn’t check Instagram, I got up and made a coffee and read a book in bed for half an hour, I got a shower and washed my hair,  made some toast and then bought my laptop downstairs to my office, which is my kitchen. Do you know how good it feels not to check my phone first thing in the morning? I popped on the study playlist on Spotify and opened my mac and here I am, probably the calmest most focused I’ve been all week and why is that? I’m not rushing around, I didn’t spend more time in bed on my phone and I’m not panicking about today’s tasks. It’s making me realize that there is enough time for everything I creatively want to do, emails, admin, learning more, meditation, blog writing, working out, cooking meals, events, meditation, shooting, catching up with friends and my boyfriend that I may neglect every now and then.

Acne Scarf

Acne Scarf

There are a few simple things every single day you can do which will prepare you for the day ahead. If you start the day positive you can expect your outcome to be positive. If you start the day thinking, oh god sake Monday, here we go again. You go to get your morning coffee and spill it all over you, you get on the tube and the person to the left has their knee in your crotch and on the right you’re that close to the womans face, you can tell she forgot to brush her teeth and oh the announcement plays “This train is delayed, we should be moving again shortly”  It’s a negative spiral. Below is a list of things, I’ve been practising over the past 4 weeks and it’s really helped me shift my energy in the mornings.

  1. Charge your phone at the bottom of your bed or in another room (at night)
  2. Youtube search, Morning meditation click on the one for 10 minutes. It’s guided so you just have to listen what the woman says
  3. Write what you are grateful for and what you are grateful for that is on it’s way to you.
  4. Read for half an hour (or how ever long you want) I read a chapter every morning.
  5. Then get up, have a shower, eat breakfast and grab your phone and go about your day as normal.

Let me know if you tried it!



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