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Lauren BlackWe’re being inspired all the time, consciously and unconsciously whether we realise it or not our actions are being influenced by something or someone else. If you buy the dress because you saw a girl wearing it and you’d like to look like her or whether you fancy a cheese burger and fries for dinner because at 9am that morning on the way to work you’d seen a McDonalds advert. It’s the way we live, we’re being sold to at every moment of the day even if we don’t realise it and IT WORKS.

Growing up I’ve constantly been told by my parents “Just be yourself and you’ll be fine” from my first job at House Of Fraser when I was 16 to now going into anything that makes me feel out of my comfort zone. I have this weird issue with going places on my own, I always have done and since becoming a blogger I’ve had to push outside my comfort zone and attend events and meetings on my own. You’re probably thinking, wow shocker but to over come something that makes me feel really uncomfortable is a big deal.

Lauren Black

Lauren Black

In a creative industry, whether you’re a photographer, graphic designer or blogger, the most important thing is to be yourself. By all means take inspiration, find different locations, different styles from other people and make your own. Be Original, it’s not too hard is it?

Plagiarism Definition: “The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own” Just as we were taught in school. It’s the same in industry practise, the reason businesses have patents on their products. If you feel like you’re struggling to find your style then I have a few tips listed below:


  1. Find your go to pieces, find your signature! What is it people will know you for?
  2. Realise items that you don’t like or don’t make you feel great, although I love a tracksuit, it doesn’t make me feel empowered or like I’m ready to take on the world.
  3. Buy items you will wear over and over again. There’s nothing like investing in pieces you can style with everything.
  4. Make an inspiration board of the edits you like, find the filters, do you like your photos to be warm, cold, do you like them super contrasty or really bright and faded?
  5. Find your own voice, What do you want to say through your style?
  6. Stick with it, once you’ve figured all of the above, roll with it and stick with it.


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