Lauren BlackSurprise, another pair of trainers.

I have been thinking about investing into a designer pair of trainers for quite a few months now and I finally made the plunge and got myself a pair of Prada embellished velvet sneakers. One of my friends was like “you’re crazy” – similar kind of response from my friends and family when I bought my black Mulberry bayswater in which my dad replied, and I quote “you fucking what, you’re mental” Anyway, as if being stared at on the tube with the carrier bag wasn’t enough, I then started to feel a little guilty, it went back and forth in my mind, “you earn’t this, you worked hard and you bought something you wanted”. To, “God Lauren you’ve spent half a months rent on a pair of bloody black velvet trainers, which may I add will get ruined in the rain.”

I haven’t been bought up in a world of designer items, I always looked at them as luxury and they still are a huge luxury to me. It’s never been normal for me to pop in the shop and grab a Gucci handbag. I also understand that my new shoes are the equivalent to my close family’s weekly wage. My name is Lauren Black, you may know me as a cool, down to earth fashion blogger however I spent most of my late child hood and teenage years hanging around on my estate in Brickyard, Nottingham. I always felt embarrassed when I had to take Tesco value crisps to school and not have 40p for a sausage roll on the first break. I helped my dad do microwave meals most evenings and I missed out on abroad school trips (aside from I went to paris which my Grandma managed to scrape the money together for me to go).

Lauren Black

Why do we feel guilty about expensive items? I feel a huge cloud of guilt whenever I buy myself anything a little pricy. why? Is it because the majority of us were bought up in a situation where you can’t have things you want because our families can’t afford it, so our perception is that we don’t deserve it? if so, that’s not true, we do deserve these things.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how society has kind of implanted this mindset that “lower class” people shouldn’t be able to enjoy things the “upper class” do? How do you define the class system? Is there a line that says because you do this, or you can’t do that, that means you’re this kind of family – I’m not sure?

I think we’re all humans and we’re equal. We should be proud of the things we are able to do, whether that’s buying a coat from topshop you saved for or if it’s getting the designer shoes that make you feel like a million dollas right?

  1. Literally how I always feel when buying anything designer or even on the higher priced end of the high street – purely because I totally know my parents couldn’t afford to! Totally believe if you work hard to treat yourself! Managed to save up for a trip to New York and defo thinking about buying a cheeky Marc Jacobs bag while there ‍♀️

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