Lauren BlackSo if you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably have seen that I was fortunate enough to attend fashion week, with most of the shows and presentations held at 180 Strand a creative hub in London. It’s always been one of my goals to attend anything at fashion week and this was my second season and definitely my best yet! I have been streaming and writing small reports on the catwalk shows / presentations since I was at college and I was, and still am, obsessed with watching the fabrics move along the runway and how they hang from the models, the colours and the intricate designs that go into creating such a collection. Designers would have me day dreaming about attending fashion shows myself, so when I was invited I was over the moon, but I can’t help but notice the hierarchy system in place.

You know the whole “which seat are you sitting in” drama? Well, in all honesty I don’t really care where I’m sat, or stood for that matter. The fact that I’m even in the room watching the show is a miracle to be honest. We all compare ourselves, don’t we? Let’s be honest, even though we try not to, sometimes we can’t help it. I did think “aww I wish I could’ve seen the Queen sat front row” but it’s fine! I saw it all over Instagram! The reason why you’ll be sat closer to the front row than if not, will be how much the brand deems you relevant and ultimately, press, editors and buyers should get the seats every time. Which leaves me thinking, how relevant are bloggers at fashion shows?

Lauren Black

Lauren BlackI won’t be coming home to write a report for you on Jasper Conran because that’s what Vogue is for, however I think what would be great information to relay back to you guys would be a backstage experience, discussing what the hair and beauty trends are. Just some kind of inside information about what goes into the build up of a fashion show, right from planning content, creation of designs, sourcing fabrics and models right through to the run of the show itself. I would sit here and write about my favourite trend, but I’ve written a report for the Radisson Red – it’ll be up soon! I could write about the street style, which I’ll include my outfits and links below. Street style is an interesting style; some people dress normally, some people take it as an opportunity to dress up and get noticed. Whichever one you are, I don’t think it matters – I’m not going to slam anyone for wearing something they wouldn’t usually wear and I’m not going to slam anyone for wearing what they always wear, what’s the point! You do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Lauren Black

Lauren BlackAt the end of the day, Fashion Week isn’t about who is at what and who’s sitting where, it’s about the designers collection, it’s about the fact that they have poured their blood, sweat and tears into each design for the past year in the hope a buyer from Barneys, sat front row want to stock their collection in store for the season ahead. It’s about how the fabrics move, the colours and the details. It’s about the time it took for the collection to be made and the planning that has gone into making the show/presentation come to life. It’s thinking about what has inspired the designer – is it youth? Is it politics? Might it be something personal to them? Why have they put patterns together in this way?

The whole point of Fashion Week is to understand the designer, explore the next trends and walk away feeling inspired. If you’re there just brag about where you sat, then you’re there for the wrong reason.


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