This is the season, we’ve seen ugly trainers come out from many brands and designers, from Balenciaga and Gucci to Fila. I’m surprised I haven’t got a pair already. My boyfriend thinks they are hidieous and I don’t blame him, how has ugly become cute? It kind of reminds me of when you see a really ugly animial, so ugly it’s cute. The same thing has happened with these ugly, chunky trainers.

Everyone is raving about Balenciaga recently, those ugly AF trainers that I absolutely LOVE and the classic cut out boots. We know that Balenciaga’s don’t come without a heafty price tag but with the high street dupes on the market at the moment, do we really need to spend up to £1000 on a pair?

I’ve put together my favourite trainers and boots (dupes) so you can get the Balenciaga look for less. I got my cut out boots from ASOS, they have two buckles on the side and they are super comfy, they are sold out however I’ve found a few other pairs below.

Shop the best dupes:

Lauren Black

Lauren Black

Lauren Black



  1. Omg, I really, really wish I could get the Balenciaga trainers. I mean, they are ugly, but I love them

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