Lauren Black

Lauren BlackIf you read Part One then, I’m back with another discussion on blogging being Narcissistic. You know the eye rolls we get for being a blogger? The constant stares in the middle of the street and the gross remarks from men which, I mean I’m used to now and not forgetting the unreasonable question “do you earn REAL money from blogging?” Blogging started as my hobby and has evolved into being what now is my full time profession. It’s not easy, but nothing is right?

Being photographed, filmed and spending hours looking at your own face is not easy, think about it.. especially when you pick out your flaws so much, like me. I’m always like ooo no, my nose is wonky in that, I look small, my hair is flat, my eyes are sleepy, yes THAT ONE! oh no, no my hair is too in my face. I love to be photographed, it’s fun. I love shooting for brands and I love shooting for personal content for Instagram and for here, but don’t mistake this job for an easy one.

Lauren Black

I’m sure people will think “she loves herself too much” The perception of “bloggers loving themselves” is kinda like well.. society tells us we should love ourselves, so why when someone does love themselves do we go all like “oh well whatever she loves herself” you know what I mean? funny right? We have this perception where if someone “loves themselves” it means their “stuck up” or they “don’t care about anyone but themselves” but infact it’s not true. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your achievements, the way you dress, the way you look or your lifestyle in general.

The reflection of how you feel about yourself is very clear in the way that you treat others, if you think someone knows it all, you probably see that in yourself (blindly). The truth is, it’s hard to admit bad traits about yourself, but once you notice them, you can begin to address them and in turn this will help you not judge people.

I’ve heard about snide remarks who come from people from my home town, one is “Lauren’s famous now” I’m just doing a job I love, which I’ve created for myself.  Why can’t their be more happiness for other people? why is there so much jealousy in this world? and if that person “loves themselves too much” why is that anyone else’s problem, as long as their happy with themselves, your negative input will only harm yourself in the end.





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