If you follow me on instagram then you might have heard that I recently had a chemical peel. I’ve wanted one for a while and I had an opportunity to collaborate with Viva Skin Clinics so I decided to finally go for it. I know a few other people who have had fillers etc at this clinic before so I knew it would be safe there. I did research on youtube beforehand to find out what a chemical peel actually is and why I felt like I needed one.

A chemical peel is essentially a liquid that is brushed onto the face that removes the top layer of the epidermis, all the dead skin cells peel off and you’re left with glowing, fresh and hydrated skin. I have normal/dry skin and I fake tan my face quite often and my skin was starting to look very dull and lacked brightness so I thought this would be a great treatment to refresh and brighten my skin.

When I was at the clinic, they were very friendly and professional and I was made to fill out a medical form (which if you’re going to have any cosmetic treatment is a legal requirement btw, make sure you do your research) The peel itself only took around 10 minutes and then I continued with my day. When the peel was being applied, it was uncomfortable but didn’t hurt, it felt a little like smothering your face with tiger balm. There wasn’t any pain throughout the days afterwards at all, there was just some discomfort.


Before The peel:

Lauren Black

Day 1 and 2

The day of the procedure my face was quite red and uncomfortable which lead me to feel a little self conscious, I bought some SPF 50 and was told to moisturise and apply the SPF throughout the day, whenever I felt like I needed it. There wasn’t much difference on day 2, apart from my face felt really tight, this was predominantly in the areas my face would peel. I moisturised quite alot on the second day and I realised that what’s happening is similar to when you have sunburn and start to peel – Just not painful like sunburn.

Lauren Black Lauren Black

Lauren Black

Day 3 and 4

On day 3 I started to peel a little around my mouth, nose and cheeks a little again just the same as the previous two days, I moisturised and only washed my face with luke warm water. I did wear mascara and I could remove it as normal. Day 4 was the worst day, my face started to peel all over, across my forehead right the way down my cheecks, around my mouth and nose. I didn’t leave the house on this day as I wanted to keep my face really moisturised, I applied Vitamin C oil throughout the day and in the evening I used a very soft exfoliator just to remove the dead skin. I could see then that my skin felt really soft and I knew that this was going to be worth it.

Lauren Black

Day 5 and Day 6

Day 5 was the best day of my skin so far, here I could see all the new skin and it felt incredible, I was still peeling around the sides of my face but I could tell the most part had finished and the same on Day 6, the sides of my face were still peeling but my skin started to look very healthy, glowing and extremely moisturised.

Lauren Black

Day 7

Is today! I’ve just taken a selfie to show you below, I have got a little bit of tan on but my skin feels the best it’s ever felt, so so smooth, I feel so refreshed.

Lauren Black Lauren Black

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