Lauren Black Lauren BlackWho is ready for spring? It was so sunny this morning and I sat on my balcony with a cup of coffee and honestly, what could make me happier? I mean apart from the £3 bargain boots I just got from Primark but we’ll talk about those later. I sat on my balcony and I thought to myself how grateful I am for this day, for the sun and the coffee I was drinking. Sounds silly right? We rush around all the time with our brains constantly thinking and this morning it felt so good to just be present and in the moment, not thinking about what I was having for dinner or the event I’m going to this evening.

Anyway, how hot are suits right now, If I had a pound for every time I saw a girl in a suit on Instagram well, I don’t know how rich I would be, but I would be rich let’s put it that way. I’ve seen pink, blue, yellow, green, I’ve seen pinstripe, check, tartan you name it! I recently went to a breakfast with Primark and Look magazine and I had to find some Primark outfits, one for the breakfast and I picked up a few others too, one being this green suit. The trousers were £13 and the jacket was £15, now if you have been following me for quite a while, you’ll know I love a bargain and when I saw this green suit, it had to be mine.

I went to the Primark at Tottenham Court Road, that’s the one I always go to. I know sometimes you have to hunt in Primark for all the really amazing things but they have really upped their game for SS18 – I’ve seen some of the bits that are coming out and I can’t wait. I went in and made my way to the second floor and that’s where I found the green suit, they had pink and pinstripe too and a few pairs of check and stripe trousers on their own there as well. I then made my way around to the shoes, Amy who I was shopping with spotted the white boots, I then spotted that they were only £3! Such a bargain, a few followers mentioned they still had them in stores across the country too so it’s worth popping in to see if they are still there!

Lauren Black

Lauren Black

Lauren Black

Everyone loves a slogan tee am I right?, I can’t count how many I have now, this one says dreamer and It was £4, perfect to pair with a suit for spring. I saw a jumper that says “U OK HUN?” that was £10 I already have a t shirt with that slogan but I have been thinking about going back to get the jumper… Also if you’re going on holiday soon, they have lots of swimwear and inflatables for the pool, I might get the pizza one because well why not? – I would love to know what you’ve got from Primark recently, I’m defiantly going to go back and get some summer essentials.



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