AppThe app is a shop-able platform where you can browse and purchase directly from Instagram. It’s a platform that bloggers use to earn a little bit of commission if you guys buy anything we have recommended. It means you can shop my instagram really really easily. The amount of times I tapped a photo and there was only the tag and not the shop lead me to download it and use it myself, so I use it on other people and you guy’s can use it now with my photos, I thought it was best to explain how it actually works. You know when theres a new app around and people get all anxious to download because they don’t know how to use it well, it’s fine and it’s so simple to navigate.

Below I’m going to show you/ tell you how to download the app so you can start shopping all your favourite bloggers instagrams!

Lauren Black Lauren Black Lauren Black

Firstly, you can download the app like any other app from the app store, you can then go onto my instagram or any other blogger you love and screen shot any image where you see the words in the caption/tagged in the photograph, just like the above images. Then you get a notification when the look is ready to shop directly from the app.

Lauren Black  Lauren BlackLauren Black

The above first image, is what the app looks like, the first tab at the bottom has looks that you have recently viewed and screen shotted, the second tab shows you the influencers who you follow in the app, which leads me directly to the next step. If you go onto the app tap on the end search button and type in any instagram handle for example @imlaurenblack and follow me, all my looks will pop up in the second tab which we just discussed. The third tab is discover, so you can search through, fashion, beauty, interior, sale alerts, style tips and anything you like really, to shop directly from. The Fourth tab is a heart, where you can add items to your wish list, to save for later.

The next step would be to click on my profile shown above, click on any one image and my whole outfit should be tagged in the image, I usually link a similar item if my actual outfit is out of stock. As you can see in the second image, below there are two pairs of white boots, my jumpsuit and some trainers, so you can get an idea of how I would style the jumpsuit. You can click on the item’s at the bottom and they will take you directly to the website. How simple? Hassle free and easy is that! App



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