Lauren BlackI found this jacket on Nasty Gal and I instantly knew that it was made for me. I’ve always been the type of person not to take shit, like it or don’t like it. I’m quite upfront, some people love that and some people don’t. There’s something that needs addressing though. For the bloggers/influencers reading this I know you’ll relate so much. I wanted to create some awareness to those who aren’t bloggers around our job and the stigma that we put up with.

I shoot a couple of times a week and I guarantee every single time there will be 1. Someone who laughs at me for taking photos or 2. Men who think it’s appropriate to shout things at me or stare. Which okay fair enough people are going to look, stare and wonder what I’m doing. This has lead me to think about the whole “instagram thing” as people say and how our job is perceived to the general public. I think the common misconception is that, “this job is easy”, which… I mean if I say “yes I get paid to take photos of myself in clothes” that sounds easy. I think it’s what everyone doesn’t see behind the scenes that makes this job not as easy as you think. It’s never “just” an instagram post, for me (or us) it’s a whole shoot, it’s styling, location hunting, it’s portraying the brands message in a way that is right for them and for my audience, it’s A LOT of trial and error, it’s publicly opening yourself up for criticism and you have to have a thick skin for that. I’m not sure how other people would handle what has been said about me behind my back, but again “babes against bullshit”, I don’t give a shit.

Lauren Black

Lauren BlackI’m on my phone basically 24/7, I’m always on hand, I’m always on my emails, I’m always doing admin, I’m always in meetings, I’m always at events and I’m always networking with brands. When I go on holiday, I can’t turn my brain off. I’m like  “Conor can we shoot here, can we make sure we get a photo here, can we go and have drinks here so I can take photos for my story?” I love it, I would not change anything about my life at all, but it’s the misconception of “oo she’s just an instagram girl” that quite frankly pisses me off. This is a whole business. I track my stats, I know exactly how many likes on average come in, in 4 minutes, in 7 minutes, in 10, an hour and so on. I track my follower rate and my reach. I had a photo that reached 37k the other week with 3k+ likes and I had over 1000 profile views just from that one photo and ever since I’ve been analysing why that one worked so well and how I could do that for the rest of them. It’s not easy to look at my own face every day and edit photos, because I pick out all my flaws.

Lauren Black

It’s easy to think that we just “get free stuff” but actually nothing is ever free, it’s in exchange of our opinions about the products or to wear the items and post about them. Not all of what I do is paid, which means brands get free advertising. I found a really interesting article on why brands are taking bloggers away on holiday – please read it because it’s so insightful and it puts into perspective the bloggers value on the advertising industry and what brands can get from us READ HERE

P.S who want’s a funny story? I ordered this dress and I was like this is so short…… THEN I saw it was for 5’3 and under, I’m so ditzy ah well……..


  1. This post really spoke to me. Specially in light of all the drama that’s been going on Twitter in the last few weeks. It’s not just the criticism from the outside world, it’s the pettiness of people who are supposed to understand us! Love love loved this post xxx

    melina |

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