Lauren Black

Lauren Black

From time to time, things get on top of me, I feel uninspired and uncreative. I mostly feel this way about my blog, I’ve been blogging for a year and 5 months now and I kind of feel like who cares – I mean am I actually helping anyone or is this just a space for me to ramble about problems I think people are having or talk about new styles I love. Then again I’ve posted every single week since January 2017 and I feel like, I write for myself not just for my readers.

Creative block tip number 1. you ready? ok.. Think about what you want to write about, not always what you think your readers want to see/hear about. Is there something you would like to remind yourself, a confidence boost? a change in your lifestyle? these things help you and they help your readers, there is nothing like a little self boost sometimes!

Creative Block tip number 2. Just be quiet, go and sit in a room. Don’t think about anything (I know this is so hard) there is an app called Calm, a blogger friend Sinead Crowe over at she said it was amazing so I had to download it. I do a lot of guided meditation on visualisation and if you have never tried it, why don’t you? You might find that when you be quiet for 10 minutes just how refreshed you feel afterwards. This can bring back your creativeness and restore calmness.

Try tip number 1 and 2 together. Go and be quiet, think about how you’re feeling and don’t force yourself to battle the thoughts, negative or positive. Think about why you started whatever it is you have creative block over, go back to the roots. Remember how you wanted to help people using your platform, (whatever it is you do). I do this all the time and it really helps me, we can get so wrapped up in the everyday hustle, that we forget why we are doing what we’re doing.

Lauren Black

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Lauren Black

Number 3. Try using essential oils to help lift your mood or productivity, rosemary is stimulating so is great to burn when you’re working. I mostly burn Neroli, as Neroli has a happy effect on me! If you haven’t got any essential oils, you can go to Neals yard or pick some up from Amazon if you’re on a budget, the burners you can get really cheap on amazon too, of course I would recommend getting a good quality one however any will do, to start with!

Number 4. Get a good old pen and piece of paper, write down key words. How do you want your readers to feel when they’re reading your blog (if it is a blog you write) how do you want to feel when creating the piece of work? Then think about what is relevant now, is it fashion you work in? is it beauty you work in? How can you take your work to the next level?

Number 5. Just be patient with yourself, we get so anxious all the time about things that aren’t worth being anxious about (I’m not talking about anxiety here btw) we all get a little uptight and anxious sometimes, if you just let go by using the above then I’m sure you’ll get over your creative block.


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