Lauren BlackI’ve always had pretty full eyebrows, I have thick dark hair and people used to call me names at primary school because they were so bushy, I ruined them in year 8 as it was a trend to have them extremely thin, they grew back but they still weren’t as full as they used to be until I had them microbladed.

I have been thinking about getting them done for a while as I felt one of them made my face look wonky. I watched my friend have them done with Sian Dellar’s  at her clinic on Harley Street and then when the opportunity came along for me to collaborate I was so excited! I watched some youtube videos and asked my friend Beth from so I knew what to expect when I had the treatment done, so I’m going to explain my experience and answer questions that have been asked.

How do they do it? and Does it hurt? How Long does it last?

Were the three most asked questions, so I’ll start with those. Sian basically scratches with a little knife and dye where the missing hair is, so she does this the first time round and then re numbs the area and then you can’t feel a thing at all! I felt a little uncomfortable when I could feel it but I didn’t think it hurt, the only strange thing was you could hear the scratches on the skin as the little knife was going in. It sounds scary, it really isn’t!

They last for up to 12 months, I think that’s a reasonable amount of time. At the end of the day if I change my mind about my eyebrows at least it’s not permanent right?

Lauren Black

Lauren Black

Lauren Black

How much do they cost?

This was my next most asked question. You have to remember, this is on your face and I would never go to anywhere just because it was cheap (If I had payed) it’s really important to go to somewhere that is reputable with someone who has years of experience. Sian is an award winning top permanent makeup and microblading artist. The cost of the Microblading with Sian is £595 and with her associates Carrina and Lianne £495 and £395.

Below is before

Lauren Black


Below is after

Lauren Black

Lauren Black

What happens during the procedure?

So when you arrive, one of the girls will pop some numbing cream on your eyebrows and offer you a drink, when Sian is ready you will be taken into the clinic room where you and Sian will create the eyebrow look you want together. I took a photo of Cara Delevigne because lets be honest, her eyebrows are perfect. Sian then draws them on so you both can check over the shape and size etc. On one side at the front my hairs were facing straight up and this was missing on the other side so we balanced them out. I then wanted a thicker brow so we made them more arched and full. This is the time that you should make amendments if you want to. Sian then goes ahead with the micoblading.

What is the after care and what happens?

So for 10 days after the procedure, you can’t get your eyebrows wet AT ALL. All you have to do is put the coconut oil balm that Sian gives to you on your eyebrows 4 times daily. I’ll talk you through what happens over the 10 days. They went really really really dark at first, my eyebrows are very dark as it is so they basically were nearly jet black. They then get scabby and fall off, the colour goes lighter (I didn’t experience this as much as others have because of my naturally dark brows) Then after the 10 days you are left with the result!

After 4 weeks you will need to go back into see Sian as this is a 2 step process, Sian will assess what needs going over etc and then the whole procedure and aftercare happens once more. You then don’t have to go back for a year! You can find other photos and selfies over on my instagram of my brows! I love them!

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