Lauren BlackTechnically speaking, I’m writing this in a very interesting state of mind. I lost sync with my work routine and that’s okay because I’ve realised and now I have started to gain it back. I have realised that the mind is everything when it comes to being self employed, for someone like me anyway. I have always tried to pull the best out of a situation, however I used to be quite a negative person so sometimes it creeps back. I’m writing this because I think most of you will have been in the same situation and you might be in this state of mind now and need to hear that it’s ok.

It’s okay to be in a spiral of everything going wrong but you need to address it and get out of it before you lose everything you’ve worked for (because you will). Ever seen those people that sky rocket in anything they do? why do you think that is? it’s because they work hard and they know they’re going to do it. Ever see those people, they work with more clients than you do? They go to these places and you don’t get to go? They get paid more than you? Those people who start what you do after you started and they wizz way past you? if you’re thinking to yourself yes I know, stop watching, their business has nothing to do with yours and it’ll be damaging you if you’re in a negative state of mind – That’s called comparison and it’s a dangerous place.

The difference between the average and the very successful is discipline. The reason why I think this is true, is because I lost some discipline in my work/life balance and things have slipped, not in a detrimental way at all, just slightly. It can’t be all work and it can’t be all play right? I have a really good healthy morning routine you can read it on my Bringing it back to basics post. I have been doing this very inconsistently probably over the past 3 weeks and it has effected my mindset and my work considerably. You might look at my instagram and my blog and think where it’s fine? But you know when you know? you know? haha

Lauren Black

Lauren Black

In turning your mindset around you might have some people you need to distance yourself from, these are negative people. If you’ve got negative friends and family members you won’t get anywhere by letting them feed you with their negative energy so move away from them. Also you might find that when you’re doing better in your work life, there will be jealousy from people you thought were your friends, just be prepared for this and watch your back. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you (this is speaking in the industry I work in). Ignore them if they don’t like it, they know where the door is quite frankly. I’m quite strong in this sense, if you don’t support me or If I don’t trust you, I can shut the door with a click of my fingers and get on with my life. I don’t have the time and never will I let my work suffer for irrelevant people. If you’re a little bit more sensitive which I know most people are then you’re gonna have to get a grip a little bit here remember a lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of sheep and you’re a lion.

Picture what you want as much as you can, this is something I don’t do as often as I know I should. It lifts my mood when I sit and think about what I want or more so, what I know is coming. I forgot about this part and how important it is when trying to manifest something, I forgot that what you believe, you will achieve like we all know this?!!! One way to help to believe is to see it when you close your eyes. OK i’ve made a conscious choice to now start doing this as much as possible and it makes me smile. We all know if we work hard we will reap the rewards so why is there any need for worry or doubt?


A negative mindset stems from worry, doubt or some sort of lack, if you feel any of this try and write down everyday something you can be grateful for and this will shift the lack thoughts to thoughts of having enough. When you think you have enough it makes a world of difference for example…. When I have 5 jobs of £700 you think I’m worrying about money? nah! Rent is paid, Bills are paid, little cheeky treat is PAID! If I have 1 job of £500 you think I’m worried? hell yeah I’m gonna start getting worried, but all that worry doesn’t being me the other 4 jobs that are missing… That make sense? When you are grateful for what you have, you’ll bring more of what you want (given you work for it obvs). It’s happened to me both ways a few times now.

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