Lauren BlackI love fake tan. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’ve tried a few of the tan’s on the high street, some great and erm some not so great… there’s nothing more embarrassing than having fake tan on your hands and lines between your fingers where you haven’t rubbed it in properly, not to mention the ankles and feet.

I wanted to share with you my honest opinion on all the “best” fake tan’s on the market. I use a few, depending on what mood I’m in and what season! I’ve just also realised I desperately need to moisturise way more so if you’ve got any recommendations of great body moisturiser let me know in the comments below or on instagram (my dry body would appreciate it)

Bondi Sands:

Let’s start with the first fake tan I ever used.. Bondi Sands. I smothered myself for months and months in the ultra dark tan, new bed sheets covered and no sex on fake tan nights.. Conor goes absolutely mental when there’s a transfer of fake tan all over our new white bed sheets and I don’t think he was very happy when he went to work with a palm as brown as a poo stain because he had slept with it his hand on my leg. When the 1 hour came out, I thought oh the answer to all my problems, I can just wash it off after an hour and I’ll be ultra dark, incorrect. I was brown but I wasn’t my normal two layers of ultra dark left over night, which I was lead to believe and I did try it over night and the tan crumbled all over my bed sheets and I was left with a patchy tan. TAN PROBLEMS. Side note – Bondi Sands is great to use if you want a pink toilet seat.

I use the Bondi sands eraser every time, sometimes it gets it off, sometimes it doesn’t so well, it really depends. I would reccomend trying it and seeing it if works for you. I know some people rate it and some people don’t, everyone has a different skin type so just because a product doesn’t work for one person doesn’t mean it won’t work for another!


Lauren Black


After Bondi sands I thought my life had changed forever when I was introduced to Sienna, which I still use sometimes. Sienna foam is a great colour, but I’m as white as a milk bottle naturally (English Rose they say) so when Sienna is coming off, because it’s so dark I look like tiger bread, but I just exfoliate a few days before I know it’s going to be like that and then problem solved. I think this is great for nights out or any occasion you have, however in the summer I prefer a lighter tan (unless I’m going out of course) They also do a primer so I rub that in on my ankles, hands and elbows so the tan doesn’t stick so much in those places. In terms of transfer I would say there is little transfer but no where near was much as Bondi Sands. – Side Note, the smell is like fake tan but sweet not biscuity.



St Moriz:

I used to use this when I was like 16 because it was £3 from wilkos and I couldn’t afford to buy St Tropez. I did love it back in the day and I think it’s a really good affordable alternative to Bondi Sands. The colour is really natural, the only thing I would say is it was always quite scaley on me when it starts to come off and when it goes out of date it goes green, but I think most fake tan’s go green unless they have a violet undertone? (Not a pro no idea) The smell isn’t too great either, quite like a digestive biscuit.


Lauren Black

Lauren Black

Isle of paradise:

I haven’t used the water yet, but I have used the foam. They have a colour corrector in each of the different foams so it corrects to your skin (if that makes sense) I use the light, which tbh at first I thought the light would be very light, but I was wrong. The light on me, is similar to dark Bondi Sands. Isle of Paradise didn’t transfer to my sheets when I put it on the night before. When it’s coming off I find that it doesn’t tiger as much as Sienna does and I had quite alot of comments on how natural my tan looked.


Tan Luxe:

Tan Luxe is my favourite at the moment, I have the wonder oil for my body and the sleep oil for my face. The wonder oil comes in a bottle like a roll on deodorant and at first I was a little skeptical, however I’m so impressed. I’d never used an oil before this one as I thought they never dried and I would be oily all night, I thought it would be a disaster. Anyway I heard from a friend it was amazing so I got my mit on and I started rollin’ till I was covered, it was dry within 5/10 mins and I went to sleep and woke up with a lovely glow. I thought when I went in the shower it would all come off but it didn’t, it’s not a wash off RESULT! You know what that means? It means evenings aren’t always taken by my tan, I don’t have to sleep sticky when it’s already 30 degrees outside, I get to have sex whenever and I get a natural glowing tan BANGING! With the sleep oil I pop probably 8 drops into my hand and then smooth it over my face – please wash your hands after this otherwise it’ll stick in-between your fingers, I’ve made that mistake. There is a tan smell but it’s not that strong.

There is another product from Tan Luxe you need, it’s called the Instant Hero product, I love to use this when my tan is quite dark and it’s starting to come off, the hero basically smooths over the tan so any patchy bits will get covered. It’s great for a last minute touch up before you go for a meeting or another day at work. It lasts for 24 hours and washes off the next day (no scrubbing needed) I would compare it to the face and body from MAC.






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