Lauren BlackIt’s that time of year again where all the bells start ringing and if you’re like me, half of my friends are getting married and having babies and the other half are knocking on my door at 4 o’clock in the morning with 2 bottles of vodka. Life is about balance? Maybe not when you’ve got last nights dinner stuck to the bottom of your shoes.. I’ve only ever been to a couple of weddings in my life both which I was a bridesmaid for and the other will be coming up, which I am again a bridesmaid. Here are my 5 things to consider when picking a wedding guest outfit.

The Weather:

One minute it’s 30 degrees and I’m sat outside on my balcony drinking cocktails and then one minute it’s pouring it down with rain, the thunder and lightening starts and we don’t bloody know what’s going on! So check the weather for the big day, decide wether you’re going to stick to wearing a dress or you could go for a jumpsuit, however if the forecast says 30 degrees, the jumpsuit may not be the best idea. I think the best bet is, to find an outfit suitable for hot and colder weather and then decide between the two on the day, you can always send back the one you don’t wear.


This should have been the first one, the only thing I consider on a day to day basis when I get dressed is, “will I be going out for dinner?” if so “what food am I going to have?” There is nothing worse than getting to a restaurant wearing the tightest high waisted jamie jeans to find that half way through the meal the top button is undone and you haven’t got a t shirt to hide it with, SO! let’s avoid that from happening and consider our stomachs before we pick the wedding guest outfit. You wouldn’t want to feel awful at your friends, sisters wedding because you’ve picked the wrong outfit.

Lauren Black

Lauren Black

Lauren Black

Never Wear White:

I personally think you shouldn’t wear white, more likely than not the bride will be wearing white and you wouldn’t want to steal the attention on her big day would you? I think it’s best to stick with primary colours. On that note, don’t wear anything too tight or too short, not appropriate. – You don’t have to wear floral either, unless you want to of course. I picked this one because the floral isn’t overally girly, stick to your own style (if you can)


Careful whilst picking shoes to go with your dress otherwise you could end up in the gravel, whilst trying to catch the bouquet, that would be embarrassing.  I would recommend choosing wedges or platform heels or maybe a pair of mules? Whichever you choose, save the Christian Louboutin heels for another occasion. I would absolutely wear trainers if I could however I don’t think they’re appropriate unless you want to look like Lily Allen in 2006.

Check what other guests are wearing:

I see this as an obvious rule, only because you know what girls are like going on a night out “are you wearing a dress because if you are then I’ll wear one too” “Are you wearing heels?” I would check what other guests are wearing just because you want to make sure you don’t stand out, again this is the brides day and you don’t want her getting annoyed, she is the only one who should stand out on her day.


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