4AF7584D-2C12-4923-BC00-B510B45D3C1B.jpegIt’s funny isn’t it? The way the online world works, I spend hours and hours of every single day alone, but I know with the tap of one hand I can be in touch with the whole world. If you take a step back and think about it, it’s actually very impressive. There’s this thing called the web and it let’s us communicate to anyone, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. This could be seen as a problem but we’ll save that for another blog post.

When I was growing up I had myspace and MSN (as I’m sure you did too) where we could speak to our friends from school, even though we spent 6 hours everyday with them. I always remember seeing Conor pop up, “dooladoo” in the bottom right hand corner of my screen. I would then embarrassingly pop on and offline with the hope he would notice me and say hey first, thankfully we’ve been together for 5 years now and likes every single one of my photos (probably partly because he knows if he didn’t, there would be an over – reaction from me and half of his clothes thrown off the balcony)


Since I started blogging, I’ve made some of the best friends from being online, some of which have turned into real life gal dinner dates, wine pals and the group of girlfriends that I never had after school. We get to hang out and we don’t even have to be together, we don’t always have to talk to each other and no one get’s upset. We’re all busy in real life so no offence is ever taken. I think London can be one of the loneliest cities to move to, everyone is on their own mission, no one talks to each other on the tube, the bus or any form of public transport which is kinda weird but then wouldn’t it be kinda weird, if someone randomly started asking you about your whole life story on a 20 minute journey into work and then you never see them again, I dunno!


9557BA38-593B-4F8D-8C40-CE4AAA9B3153Online friends in the job I do, can be the best, they just “get it” they get the lows, the highs, the stresses of all the petty things on Instagram and then some, not all, are there for a good chat when you’re feeling shitty. I turn to my online friends who have become real life friends whenever I have an issue, more times than not they’ve been there for me, unlike my real life friends from home. Which tbh they are pretty non existent now, apart from a couple. My online friends comment on my pics like “omg girl you look gorg” or they’ll voice note me saying “OMG THAT PIC OF YOU” that’s the kinda love I need in my life hahaaa.

There are obviously downfalls in online friends becoming real friends, sometimes they’re fake friends. I did a poll on my story the  other day and someone asked “any advice on fake friends within the blogging industry” I think you have to be very careful who you’re friends with and make sure their intentions of befriending you are honest, it can be easy for someone to use you for your contacts, which has been done before. Remember these friends are techniqually work colleagues apart from the exception which would be me and my best friend Alex. We met online however we’re more like sisters than best friends, this relationship is very rare so I would say just be careful.

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