Lauren BlackOkay, so I know when Alex reads this she is going to say “oh no look what I’ve done to her” I’m the type of person who loves home, I love England, London, my own little corner of Bethnal Green, yeah it’s not mayfair but who cares, I love picnics on vicky park and spending my weekend in the local pubs. I love my Sunday morning walk to grab flowers from Columbia road and I like to buy my sour dough bread at the organic shop on the corner.. I know I’m starting to sound like an East London wanker.

Recently, me and my best friend went away to Mallorca. I didn’t really know anything about the place because I never really go away that often, I chose to be Self Employed and sometimes it’s not all fun and games and I can’t wizz off to wherever I want, when I want and I’m okay with that… for now. I mean, I was. I don’t know what I mean, see it’s got me all confused. I’m such a home bird and I wrote a couple of reasons why I never really travelled in my post “How Instagram Plays With My Mind” but now all I want to do is be away!

Mallorca is such a beautiful place, we had a really good mix between relaxing and partying. We were smack bang inbetween Magaluf (LADS ON TOURRRRRR) and Palma which was a little more elegant. I get confused with all the different names of places so bare with, bare with. You can picture it now me being like “so are we in Magaluf or are we in Palma or where the hell are we? I don’t wanna tag the wrong place”. Anyway me and Alex are a great pair, I’m a party animal and she’s done with those days, so it was great balance between going out and sitting in bed with a cup of green tea and well obviously, love island. Since we were ON the Island, it would be rude not to.

Lauren Black

Lauren Black

I can’t remember the last time I did absolutely nothing, our hotel Rosa Del Mar was the perfect location for relaxing in the day by the poolside with a cheeky cocktail and nachos. Of course I had suncream by my side and I’ve used the whole bottle of Bali Body The Pineapple Tanning Oil was what I lathered myself in, it smells like pineapples and helps give you a deep tan. I got to catch up on all the meditation I have been missing out on and Alex got to read all about Karens horrific love story. We would pop our heads up every so often “DIP” and run along to dip our selves in the cold pool (heaven). Our hotel was really close to pretty much everything, it was a couple of minutes walk to the beach, shops and restaurants. We would take a break from sunbathing in the day and go for a walk along the beach and get some food. Can I just live here? I probably said that to Alex around 100 times.

Some people have asked me how it was for me to eat there and it was fine, there was gluten free options in most places and the hotel had gluten free bread etc. I eat a lot of meat anyway so I mainly had meat and salad/veg. The best place we went for food was in Puerto Portals, at a Lebanese restaurant called Le Socrate. My favourite food is Turkish and Lebanese and it was insane, much better than Bethnal Greens finest (although our local restaurant is a good one). Being bloggers of course we found a restaurant which would be an Instagram HOT SPOT if it were in London, it was called Max Garden Restaurant I had honey chicken, sweet potato and a mango mojito.

Lauren Black


So I said to Alex it has to be a tradition now that now we know we can deal with each other for a week without one of us throwing the other off the balcony we have to go every single year… so on that note TBC…

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