Lauren BlackOkay, before I get balls deep into this post, I’ll make a little disclaimer. – I understand that if a girl walks down the road wearing a short dress she will probably be looked at. This isn’t about just being looked at, this is about the rude, disrespectful and disgusting behaviour that I and many women experience on a day to day basis.

As I’m a full time blogger, my job requires me to go out and shoot different outfits to share with everyone, this is how I get paid and this has been my full time job for several months now. I shoot a couple of times a week and it’s not only distracting with the constant cat calling and sex shouting, it makes me personally feel uncomfortable. It also takes me longer to complete the shoot or the Yorkshire Terrier in me comes out and I get very frustrated which leads to negative energy and that’s NOT a vibe. I wanted to share with you my experience with what we call cat calling, I’m sure most of you reading this will have experienced these things before and they need to know that it’s not okay.

Usually the cat calling tends to happen whilst I am working, however I still get it when I’m not. I understand you might be thinking well, you’re blonde, blue eyed, skinny and 5″6 what do you expect and I’m okay with people looking, it’s when the looks turn to shouting and being damn right fucking rude. I’m quite a feisty girl and I always have been, if there is ever an issue, it’s made very clear.

Lauren Black

I was walking to meet my friend the other day, I was wearing a pink dress, not tight – just a skater dress from & Other Stories with some little heeled sandals (you know the ones with the toe home I’m always banging on about) yeah those. I got on the tube and I stood near one of the doors, it was around 30 degrees and on the tube it was absolutely boiling, I had my sunglasses on and I counted down the stops until I could get off. There was two men probably less than a metre away from me and they were staring and looking at each other and I just ignored it like I usually do. Then they started to talk in their own language clearly about me which started to get my back up so I just looked at them as if to say “hun today is not the day alright” anyway they continued to just be annoying, then when I went to get off the tube one of them decided to do 4 kissing noises at me and the other was like “sexyyy” I just turned around and let the Yorkshire T out and replied “fucking idiots” or something along those lines.

Lauren Black

Fair enough, people might say it’s a compliment they think you’re sexy or whatever, there is a way you tell a woman she is beautiful and believe me that is NOT the way. Did they think I was going to turn around and miss my stop “ooo thank you so much! you’re the man of my dreams” let’s be honest no.

I remember a time I was shooting in Shoreditch and I had to slip off a skirt and pop trousers on, so if you’re a girl you know how we to do this you just slip on the trousers under the skirt then pull the skirt down, easy! I had a full blown argument with 3 guys who were staring at me from outside the window, yes fair enough I was getting changed on the street, but there was no need for them to start whistling and waving along with shouting “OIIIIIIIIIIII” and so on, you know how it goes, so I politely turned around and was like “do you mind? I’m just trying to sort out all my clothes as this is my job” they were like “what getting naked is your job” and obviously that got my back up, so I just replied “get back to your own fucking job and let me do mine”

There has been so many occasions where things like this have happened and so many of my friends speak to me about it too, that’s why I wanted to address that it’s just NOT okay. Me and Naomi from Naaomiross met a few weeks back and this guy on a motor bike meowed at us? I’m not sure what the meow was supposed to mean, that was a weird one…

I thought there must be a way we can go out and shoot without being sex shouted at, I wouldn’t even recall some things that have been said that are absolutely horrendous, so I decided to take my boyfriend on one of my shoots with me to see if the situations changed because he was there and they did, there was 2 builders staring at me and he just said “everything ok mate” and they stopped. I didn’t have anyone say anything inappropriate or try and hassle me whilst shooting. People still look which is fine, most people wonder what the hell I’m doing.

At least if I shoot with my boyfriend it helps I guess…

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