Lauren BlackI just wanted to share with you some of my favourite beauty products at the moment. I’ve been using most of these products for a few months consistently now and I feel like I have the best skincare routine I’ve ever had. I’ve always had relatively good skin, my skin type is combination. Sometimes it’s really dry and sometimes it’s oily, I do have black heads however I’m yet to find something that works for them so if you do have anything that would help please let me know!

I really take care of my skin because I know the damage that the pollution can do especially living in London. The below is all my opinion and I’ve tried ALOT of products throughout the last 8 months. NONE of this is an advert.

Lauren Black

Favourite Two Morning Products

First up is Elemis Superfood Facial Cleanser and Elemis Superfood Day Cream.

The Superfood cleanser is my go to morning cleanser, it helps to balance my skin and leaves my skin feeling fresh. I prefer gel cleansers rather than cream or milk so this one is a perfect consistency for me. I’m not going to pretend that I’m a Skincare expert because I’m not but the ingredients in this are Avocado, Broccoli and Pumpkin seed oils along with Wheatgrass, Kale and Nettle, so really rich in super foods. It leaves me looking radiant and my skin feels smooth so that’s why I would 100% recommend it. The cleanser retails at £25

The Day Cream is rich in anti oxidant oils and superfoods such as Ginger, Matcha tea and Goji berry (I put those on my porridge so I know they’re good). Sometimes I feel like I have a dull complexion so this day cream just brightens my skin up and leaves me looking awake before coffee that is! Retails at £42

Lauren Black

Next In My Morning Routine

Next up in my routine is the Ren Perfect Canvas

I use this as a base for my makeup, even though it does say it’s a serum which would imply it goes on before the moisturiser with this one you can use it after so I use it as a primer for my makeup. Sometimes I just mix it with my day cream it depends what I feel like doing on that morning. The texture is really silky and I just feel like I look more awake when applying this after my moisturiser (or during) It smells fresh and absorbs quickly into the skin. This product is great for sensitive skin. This product retails for £50 which I wouldn’t say was on the cheap side of skincare but it’s worth it if you want a good quality primer.

Lauren Black


I usually use an exfoliator from La Prairie but I took it on holiday and I’ve lost it and I’m so gutted because it was honestly amazing and they aren’t cheap. However since then I’ve started to use a Dermalogica Exfoliating Powder, it does say daily microfoliant but I don’t think exfoliating the skin everyday is something I want to do. This is a different type of exfoliator that I’ve ever used in the sense that it’s a powder rather than a gel or a cream with little bits in. The powder is rice based and activates when you add water to it, it turns into a paste which you then massage in and rinse off. I’m all for brightening my dull complexion so I usually always pick anything that is going to make me look really fresh and bright and this is what this product does for me. I also know that anything with White Tea as an ingredient is very rich in anti oxidants so that’s why I choose to use this one. This retails for £49.50

A new product I’ve been using is a Pre Cleanse from Dermalogica, I know that double cleansing for me is a must when I take my makeup off at the end of a day. I use a medium coverage foundation and I just like to make sure my skin is ultra clean before I go to bed in the evening. This pre cleanse is meant to get rid of excess sebum sat on the skin and any build up on the skin during the day. This retails for £38.50 – I know you’re meant to use the Dermalogica cleanser afterwards but I like to finish what I already have before getting a new product and I really like the next cleansing balm I’m about to show you.

Lauen Black

Night Time Routine

My favourite night time cleanser at the moment is the Elemis Pro Collogen Cleansing Balm It’s just fabulous, if you like a balm texture I would 100% recommend it. It’s a really deep cleansing balm and it just dissolves my makeup and dirt left on my skin from living in London (GROSS) Again I love this because it leaves my skin glowing (no dullness round here thank ya) Ingridents include Elderberry, Starflower and Optimega oils which is a blend of wheatgrass and oat oil. It comes with a muslin cloth – but it’s a good one. Retails for £43.00

I then use the Elemis Peptide Night Recovery Cream Oil, I’ve been using this for a couple of months now and it smells incredible. I like the consistency of this because it’s a cream and an oil but it’s really silky and leaves my skin feeling and smelling insane. This helps to renew and repair the skin overnight. Retails for £49.

Lauren Black

I have a really special Oil that I use but I like to save for when I have a special event coming up because it’s really not cheap but It’s the best Oil I’ve ever used. The Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil from La Prairie. This oil protects from the first signs of ageing, is full of antioxidants and is a dry oil with a mixture of rare oils. It smells just incredible tbh and it retails for £256

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  1. I love these kinds of posts because I’m terrible at venturing into the world of a new skincare brand! I have actually never tried anything from Elemis before and the superfood stuff sounds pretty good. x

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