BloggingOkay so, we’ve heard the term “girl boss” and “boss babe” float around for quite a while now, I read the Girl Boss book written by Sophia Amoruso founder of one of my favourite brands Nasty Gal. I thought it was inspiring and very honest. I want to address the feelings some women might have because of these terms and where I’ve came across “girl boss” women that are suppose to be empowering other women but actually they do the reverse. I’ve been working on this post for quite a while and the below is purely honest, as always and down to my experience.

What Is A Girl Boss?

A girls boss in my eyes is an entrepreneur that is a women, she might have one business or a few, she’s strong, independent and empowering. I’ve been called one and I have no doubt I’ll end up launching a few ventures as time goes on. She’s honest and hard working, she is the girl in the bathroom that tells you to dump his ass even though you don’t know each other. She’s a hustler (sometimes I hate that word haha) “nana diva is a female version of a hustler” comes to mind whenever I say it. Nothing will stop her and if you try and get in her way, I mean it’s pointless. She doesn’t care too much about what people think of her, in fact she barely takes any notice as she’ll have more important things to be doing than energetically entertaining any negativity from anyone at all.

A girl boss lifts other people up, inspires people, she is confident in herself and her abilities.


How This Term May Be A Problem

I mean the term is an issue in many ways, I personally think the word “girl” or “babe” whatever you want to call it, shouldn’t need to be added to the front of the word “boss” at all, we shouldn’t automatically think that the singular word “boss” is masculine. My question is who the fuck conditioned us into thinking that anyway?

I think another problem with this term is that some women don’t have entrepreneurial traits, they aren’t as confident in themselves or just in general, they might be a little shy and sensitive. There is NOTHING wrong if you are like that. Girl Boss makes me think that there are people that are labelled as “not a girl boss” and that is where my concern lies. It can easily be turned into a form of bullying which leads some women to be isolated out of groups. “Soft and kind women are still strong” which can sometimes be forgotten.

Jealousy plays a huge part in the process of isolating someone else, in my experience sometimes jealousy can lead to extremely strange behaviour from “girl bosses” I mean, women in the later side of 20’s and some even 30’s and 40’s. I’ve seen “Girl Bosses” in their 40’s try and belittle other women that were “less experienced” than they are, which obviously we all know just because you’ve been in a certain industry for however many years, it doesn’t mean you’re right with EVERYTHING, especially when the other woman is a lot younger. She may pick out some things that were missed. The exchange of emails I’ve seen from said girl bosses is absolutely horrific in the way that they talk to people, but keyboard warriors they may well be…. It’s best ignored.

The Future Of Working Together

If you do like to call yourself a “Girl Boss” then you need to see yourself as an inspiration, someone for people to look up to and admire. Someone who is motivating and encouraging even when you may disagree, because remember not everyone does things the same. It’s funny my Grandma always says to me “Yes but Lauren poppet, not everyone thinks like you do” and it’s so true. It’s important for you to be supportive of people and never to tear a woman down. After all you shouldn’t have time for any negativity if you’re so busy inspiring and being motivating for people anyway. You’re on a pedastool so be mindful of who is looking at you for inspiration and make sure you practise what you preach, everyone is on their own journey and nothing in life is ever a competition.


Lauren x



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