FriendshipFriendship, there are up’s and downs, laughter and tears. Having a support network around you is one of the most important things in life. I don’t know where I would be without my friends and family, I couldn’t imagine not being able to turn to my girls when shit hits the fan. I know I can count on my best friends to be there whenever I need them (Apologies for the 6am calls) they lift me up, make me smile and they add value to my crazy non stop little world.

Taking Time

True friendship doesn’t come around often and when it does you have to grab it hold on to it, keep it in a special box, lock it and swallow the key. A true friendship takes time, it takes nurturing, lots of coffee dates, a few “you’ve annoyed me” moments and always having Tescos whole stock of that one snack she loves. True friendship can’t be forced, it happens by accident but not without deliberate effort. You have to go out of your way to make effort with a true friend, their happiness will mean just as much as your own.


A true friend appreciates you, lifts you up and is right behind you if anything is wrong. Appreciation is one of the key aspects of a true friendship. Buying a cup of coffee doesn’t cut it for me when showing appreciation to my friends, that’s just a standard procedure. So…. How can we show our best girl friend we love them?

  • Prioritise their feelings – Making sure they are okay, fit and healthy on a daily basis shows you care. Sacrifice your plans if your friend isn’t okay.
  • Be loyal and trustworthy – Have their back 100% when they aren’t listening, if you can’t do this you aren’t true friends. Don’t tell anyone their secrets, trust is how I judge if someone is worth having in my life or not, it’s something that is extremely important to me.
  • Treat them – Take them to their favourite place for dinner or send them 30 packets of their favourite crisps (Alex just did this haha), you could send them a card or some flowers
  • Be supportive – If they have some good news, celebrate with them (heres the catch) EVEN if you don’t think it’s a good idea, you have to be supportive of their dreams and goals and never bring them down.
  • Offer support when needed – If they don’t know how to do something help them and offer your help before they ask you and when they ask you. Do your best to help them to your full potential too.

A little friendship story

I met my best friend on Instagram, how weird is that? I mean it clearly wasn’t planned and certainly wasn’t a forced friendship. We met because we’re both bloggers, it’s strange because I didn’t expect to find a soul sister through my job. I expected to be friends with my colleagues but I didn’t expect to find a true friend. Alex and I was added to a little bloggers group probably a little longer than a year and a half ago now, it was when I started my blog. We’d realised that we only lived round the corner from each other so we planned to have drinks when she got home from travelling, and so we did… Since then we’ve been going places together, shooting, working together, going on holiday, going for dinner, yoga, meditation, sleepovers, movies and films and pombears of course!!

Alex helps me smile brighter so I nominate her to share a story about someone who makes her smile brighter (:

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Share a little story of how someone makes you smile and nominate someone else (:



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  1. My garden always makes me smile, I love flowers. Someone once told me that ” a thing of beauty is a Joy forever” nature is a wonderful thing !

  2. What a nice post ! My friend knew I wasn’t so well and dropped her plans so she could see me, and then brought me a bouquet of flowers ! It’s the little things 😉

  3. My children make me smile 🙂 the things they come out with, seeing them play together and hearing them laugh. The biggest joy in life 🙂

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