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There is no denying that there is absolutely a class system in place in society, I know it, you know it and we’ve seen cases where money = power and all of that jazz, that’s being saved for another post and so is the lack of diversity in the industry but this one has been sitting in my drafts for months for some reason, I guess I wanted to really make sure I wrote it in my voice and completely in my own opinion. Some of you probably won’t agree with some of the aspects I’m going to touch on but I’m probably speaking for the majority anyway. I’m talking from a place, where I have never had anything handed to me at all and from a place where the phrase at christmas is “sorry love, it’s not much”.

My Background

Just to touch on me a little bit, if you are new here! I’m Lauren, I’m 23 years old, from Nottingham. I live in East London and it hasn’t been easy to get here. I’ve worked multiple shit jobs, in retail, in call centres, I’ve had to lick my bosses bum when I was a receptionist in mayfair even though he was nasty (god save that CEO) and I’ve dropped out of university twice. I was average at school and the first house I remember living in was in St Anns, Notts.

I went full time with my blog in October 2017 and I will never regret putting all of my money into it at the start. I pay all my own bills (no parents or rich boyfriend to help with anything) and I always have done, I don’t live at home, I rent a room in East London (A ROOM – meaning no office, no wardrobe space, no spare room to put my stuff in)  If you don’t live in London, it’s not exactly super cheap and £3k for a deposit doesn’t come out of thin air, well not for me anyway.

Blogging 101:

When I started my blog, I spent all my wages on new clothes, I mean I spent it mostly on clothes regardless so that didn’t really matter. I bought a DSLR because I needed one for Uni and then I also bought a little canon and a tripod to take photos with. oh and I have a set of lights too, they aren’t necessary unless you want to start youtube. I hired a photographer pretty early on because it just made sense for me and to be honest, having one has helped me learn so much over the past year, now I only need one for my blog and not Instagram. You don’t have to have a photographer though, you can get your friends to take your photos on an Iphone which is now what I do. I still worked a part time job, went to Uni and did my blog. Most of my student loan and all of my wages was spent on blogging, that was the sacrifice I made for my passion. I had a little box room then and I quickly realised that, that wasn’t going to work, so when my tenancy was up I moved into a bigger room. I realised I needed more space, to be able to film and work more proactively. But this meant I needed to work even harder to be able to afford more space because in London it’s expensive to live a lavish lifestyle and I like going out. Working hard didn’t scare me, it just taught me that the harder I worked the more I could afford, I don’t mean this in a materialistic way, but in a sensible way, I needed more space, was desperate to call something my own and make a home not just a room, so that’s what I did. Fine it’s not my own flat but I’ll get there!!

Lauren Black

Is Blogging for Middle Class Easier?

Well, the answer is yeah in some aspects, if you can afford new clothing and the latest equipment all the time then of course it’s going to be easier, the equipment can be very expensive and although you don’t need to invest early on, you might need to invest one day. Typically thinking, people would much rather see beautiful interior houses and insane holiday photos right? both involve having a substantial amount of money. I’m aware you can travel fairly cheap but even with that the average family home goes on holiday once/twice a year, for some they are lucky to have even one. If I’m honest, from where I’m sitting. It’s not easy to keep up with the consumption of clothing or the pressure to be able to afford another £1k handbag, I can guarantee I’m not the only one who feels like that. We scroll down our feeds and see girls with basically the whole new in section of Zara and Topshop, I remember when Topshop was a major treat and sometimes it still is. With Youtube, we will see hauls of people spending hundreds of pounds on ASOS and then of course they probably send it all back, but then it takes however long to get the money back and that’s not sustainable for some people. The only thing you have to remember is money can’t buy drive, motivation and passion and that’s why it’s not impossible to become a full time blogger when you come from an unprivileged background.

Photography by Peter Ashenhurst

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