I’m going to discuss the business of Instagram today, A few weeks ago I was in a real rut with my Instagram in a creative sense, I got too caught up in comparison and I suffered the consequences of that, my followers didn’t grow as quick, my engagement was down and I got myself in a little bit of a rut, which in turn meant that I felt like I’d lost the momentum I’ve been building for the past year and a half. I didn’t have any new ideas, I also didn’t really care that much either – which btw is so unlike me. I’m always motivated, always trying to think of new ways I can make my career successful (Instagram is a big part of it) and I think the real reason I felt that way was because I needed a break. – I understand to a person who doesn’t have social media as their job I know your opinion might be “it’s only instagram” but it’s a really important aspect of mine and other bloggers jobs.

Comparison is a death trap

Comparison is a death trap, honestly, It’s so not worth it. No one is you, and that is your power. I guess easy to say not easy to believe, especially if you find yourself in a negative state of mind. This isn’t just in the job that I do, this is with any job that you do and in life in general. I got into a bad state of comparison, I thought how are these girls getting thousands of likes on photos against a white wall? I had to then look it from a business point of view, their brand is more about the fashion and styling than anything else, whereas with my brand, I’ve noticed that I enjoy it the most when I’m out and about doing things, when I’m going for coffee, food, shopping in a supermarket or getting the tube. This is also what performs the best, probably because it’s more .. me. So actually, what has become apparent to me is that I’m a lifestyle blogger and a fashion blogger. In defence of anyone saying you’ll post what other people like, well yes, but I like it too and this is a business and that is exactly how I run it.

It’s so easy to get caught up scrolling on instagram thinking, why don’t I have that body shape, omg look at where they’ve gone, look at who she’s working with etc but all it’s doing is hurting you and distracting you away from your own goals. Sometimes, you have to accept that this happens and you have to know how to pull yourself out of it and with some good, inspirational people by your side, you will do exactly that.

The Business Of Instagram

So what I do, is analyse my instagram, so If a photo does really well, I look into the aspects of the photo and write down why I think that photo has performed so well. People might say oh the algorithm is crap blah blah, but if you constantly put out different exciting content then the algorithm will be on your side (in most cases). I’ve now experienced it not being on my side and I’ve experienced it being on my side. So let me show you the difference between a photo that catches the algorithm and a photo that doesn’t.

Below you can see here with the tube photo, it’s eye catching, the leading lines in the composition of the photography draws your attention, which in turn lead people to like this photo very early on when I posted it, now they say you have 10 minutes where Instagram decides wether your photograph is worth showing to a wider audience. Not sure how true that is, however it does make sense. If a flood of likes come in early on, Instagram will think “right people like this photo lets open it up to other peoples explore page”. Not sure if this is always the case, but more often than not, I reckon it is. – (People who buy likes I mean, let’s stop shall we? it’s embarrassing for you and fraud to the brand..)

So the photo had 5400 likes, 332 comments and 682 saves. The reach is 53k, profile visits 2299 and 285 follows.

Example A Photo and Stats:

London Underground


Instagram As A Business

Here below, is a photo I took which is in the style that I wouldn’t normally take images. Plain background, plain ish clothes and no colour. We can see the results are quite the opposite of the above. 991 likes, 117 comments and 31 saves. Reach 6830 and follows 3….

Example B Photo and Stats:

How To Be An Influencer

Instagram as a business

Analysing your instagram like this, can help you spot patterns on certain images and in turn, you will know whether or not your photo is going to perform well. I’m sure this doesn’t always work but I know it has worked for me many times.

Finding your thing

I think your thing, your calling, comes with time. You have to be patient and persistent. Whatever it is you wanna do when you find it, just do it. Don’t do what everyone else is doing for the sake of it, it usually doesn’t work, try and be different. It also doesn’t hurt to be a nice person whilst you’re building yourself but you also don’t have to be friends with everyone remember that.

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post Lauren. I find the analytics of Instagram side so interesting which is why I was so excited to get over the 100 followers mark to be able to access that function. It is so easy to just compare to others and be surprised at how some things generate so many likes for the more uninspiring of posts and get frustrated by this but you are so right in what you say that it’s aboht finding your own style and creating posts that you like yourself and are true to you. Thank You for this nice Sunday morning read. Xx

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