Happy New Year!!

Hey if you’re new here, which I’m sure if you’ve come from instagram over to here then you probably are new!

Getting back on Track

It was around Mid December that I knew I needed a little break, I started to stress for no reason, in actual fact I’d been quite negative and off track for a while which isn’t really like me… I’m usually the positive percy of the group that people roll their eyes at because I always have what I think is a reasonable universe related solution to everyones problems. Not sure where that part of me was over the last couple of months, but I’m back. I think I was in some sort of rush to achieve everything I want to but when I don’t stress actually everything falls into place. I made a goal to hit 50k followers on instagram by the end of the year and I’m nearly on 60k, I started doing these videos on IGTV and all of them have a little white tick, which means they pop up on everyones explore pages and they’re being reposted by pages where their videos have hundreds of thousands of views and I’ve had so many lovely messages from girls all around the world who have found me from these videos and I just think it’s amazing that I get to talk to young girls about fashion who live around the globe.

Hate On Instagram

I’ve always been quite thick skinned in a sense that when anyone says anything about me I usually brush it off quite easily. I think it’s just because I’m quite confident within myself and I know what is true and what isn’t and It’s none of my business what anyone else thinks, that’s their business right? I’ve been deleting hate comments from my videos every single day, I guess with one that has 1.2 million views there will be hate but it’s not just one or two it’s lots. People commenting on my weight saying I’m “too skinny” “Anorexic” this one guy told me to “go eat a sandwich” people calling me “ugly” and saying my style is “horrible” “This isn’t fashion” etc. Okay the weight thing, that used to bother me quite a lot, it doesn’t anymore because I’m now happy with my weight but the one comment which rattled my cage was “Where are her boobs” I thought you absolute C***. My point is, this could really affect someones confidence, I now don’t look at comments on reposts of my videos and delete them straight away from my videos. There are mean people in the world, who have nothing better to do with their time.

My Resolution…

New years resolutions… are they bull shit? Do people really ever stick to them? Are they worth making or are they just a disappointment waiting to happen? I set myself small goals through out the year anyway but I have one big one and I’m going to come back this time next year and update you….

I don’t usually set new years resolutions unless they are small ones because it’s quite hard to stick to them. However this one is a little bit of a different one, my new years resolution for 2019 is not to trust people so easily. That way I won’t get stung. Not sure about you, but god I am so bored of letting people into my life, helping them and going out of my way for them to just screw me over. Well not anymore. My Grandma is a very wise woman, she said “Not everyone is as honest as you are Lauren and you have to remember that” she’s right. I forget sometimes that friendship doesn’t form over night and it takes a long time sometimes to trust people.

Have you had a little reflection on the previous year yet?

  1. Hello, I’m new to your blog, but you sound like a very nice person :). Your grandma is a wise woman, I am too trusty with people, like you, but it is pretty difficult to not getting stung I have big problems with my confidence, so this is my goal for 2019 maybe
    I wish you the best for the new year, may you reach all of your goals! ❤
    Best regards

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