I recently went to Copenhagen, if you’re over here from Instagram, you probably have already seen a few of my photos, one including a very interesting looking cat with lights in it’s eyes see above. This was one of the many quirky interior pieces at the Citizen M Hotel, where I stayed.

I was very excited to go to Copenhagen because it was one place I’d always wanted to visit but just never booked before. The Citizen M hotel I know a little bit about just from living in Shoreditch as they have one there, which btw is a really cute spot to work in if you live near by but I’ve never stayed in any of their hotels before. The hotel is located around a 20 minute drive from the airport which was ideal. When we arrived at the hotel we were greeted by the reception staff who were by the way, very friendly. In fact I was shocked because everyone I met was really friendly, it made me think how much I wished that was the case in England, London in particular. The staff went above and beyond with their service and were all very polite.

Let’s talk about the room.. specifically the bed, the bed was INSANE it was HUGE which if you read what @Alexincolour had to say about our trip, I can confirm she is indeed a bed hogger, but in this case we both had enough room even if she did scoot over to the middle a couple of times 😉 they claim to have the worlds fluffiest pillows and I tell you they are not wrong. The bedroom has everything you need including multicoloured lights that you can change (how cool). I had a rainbow coloured shower that Alex controlled haha! They have an Ipad in the room which is how you control the lighting and the TV and so we had a relaxed evening one night watching films in the biggest most comfy bed I’ve ever stayed in!

The breakfast is buffet style and they have gluten free options which is always something I worry about when I go away, if you didn’t know already, I am gluten and dairy free. Alongside a great breakfast and coffee they have mac’s available to work from if you don’t have your laptop with you and high speed wifi, which was really helpful when I wanted to check my emails during my stay but didn’t want the hassle of doing it all on my phone.

Copenhagen itself was beautiful, we went for a walk down Nyhaven which is only a short bus ride away, they have a water front of colourful buildings and it’s a perfect spot to have a drink and a bite to eat. We visited The Union Kitchen for brunch which was incredible, they printed quotes on their coffees and it’s very instagramable! I must also admit that the bacon was extremely tasty potentially the best I’ve ever had, the scrambled eggs were served without dairy and I had sourdough bread (I’m okay with that normally). The kitchen is placed a short walk away from all the luxury shops including, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and their luxury department store Illum. Apart from shopping we also visited a botanical garden which was a short walk from the hotel, a similar vibe to kew gardens. It’s always great to reconnect with nature and explore the areas near by – however don’t forget your thermals because it’s very very cold.

I can confirm that city mapper works in Copenhagen so it was very easy to get around and the underground works in a similar way too! Have you ever been to Copenhagen? Is it on your list to go? If it is stay at the Citizen M

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