image00002Lot’s of people shy away from colour and I have no idea why. Whenever I wear the green check suit, you must have seen it on my instagram right? people always stare at me when I’m wearing it, I mean it is a great suit but it is quite bright….

Everyone blends in with each other on the tube and in the street, boring plain black jackets, black jeans, black roll neck or beige I’ve noticed. Where is the colour? I sometimes think, people don’t realise how dressing certain ways can make you feel different ways or maybe they don’t know how to style colours together, you could simply add something small to make your outfit brighter, if you’re not used to wearing colour clothing maybe add some in, accessories is a good start.

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you how to dress in colour, my best friend Alex is good for that you can find her HERE. I’m here to say I’m being bold this spring and you should too, starting off with this neon green dress from ASOS. I saw quite a few people wearing this over fashion week and I went to the show room to meet a couple of the girls from ASOS and this dress was there, I hesitated and didn’t pick it. I then changed my mind, I thought I’m gonna give that ago, let’s make NEON classy and best believe me I’ve seen some – let’s say very interesting Neon combinations.


image00001At first I was a little nervous, one because people stare anyway when you’re being photographed so me and my friend, Gabrielle, she’s great too you can find her HERE we got changed together, so we could walk out the bathrooms together in this restaurant at South Ken. Anyway when Nimi Blackwell another one of my talented friends, was taking my images, I began to feel empowered, people were complimenting the dress and everyone in Chanel was gathered at the front of the store watching me stroll across the street. I began to feel more confident in this dress, more comfortable and I even put it on to wear the following day..


The tie around the waist, I cut that from the neck, I knew my body shape really needed a tie at the waist and that’s what really finished the look off as well as my chunky trainers which are like my comfort blanket, maybe if you’re wearing something that’s “out there” wear it with something that makes you feel comfortable and own it. Don’t be afraid to cut your clothes and try new things with them, get creative and you may surprise yourself!

  1. This dress looks amazing on you! I am a big fan of colour myself, winter is super depressing as everyone is in grey and black coats so I know what you mean. I’m not sure I could pull off a neon colour with my skin tone though, I’m super pale. You are totally rocking it! x

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